One Piece Episode 783


Thousand Sunny: The crew is driving through a storm, but due to the food shortage, hardly anyone on board has energy. Even Nami almost loses consciousness at the wheel from hunger, had Luffy not taken over in time.

Ship of Big Mom’s Pirates: Sanji is on deck and sees that they have just reached Whole Cake Island. It begins to snow, but the Cook notices that it’s not snow, but cotton candy falling from the sky. Baron Tamago joins them, and Sanji notices that the latter’s Den-den Mushi has been ringing the whole time. Tamago enlightens him that this is merely a signal that they are in Big Mom’s territory. When Tamago confronts Sanji about his father, he gets angry and clarifies that he broke up with him a long time ago and he only came along to draw a line in the sand for good. Tamago tries to convince Sanji that Big Mom means well for him and will surely treat him well, especially since he is a great cook. However, Sanji immediately counters that his hands will prepare food solely for his friends, since that’s what he’s been training for. Vito joins them to show Sanji a picture of his fiancée. The ship’s cook refuses, but is then dazzled by the beauty of his future wife.

Shortly after, Vito chases Sanji, who is on his way to his room. He asks Sanji if he’s ever read the World Economic Review. He tells him about his favorite comic in it, which is about a naval hero named Sora who can walk on water. Sora’s main opponents have always been the members of Germa 66. Vito explains that the comic is very popular with many and is sometimes even based on real events. The comic is actually meant to indirectly brainwash children, teaching them that the Navy is always in the right and invincible. However, what Vito liked most about the comic was the Germa 66 organization, which he considers his “evil heroes.” Because of this, he is quite excited to meet someone like Sanji, who was part of this organization, in person. Sanji is annoyed by the talk and wants to go to his room, where he is now accompanied not only by Vito, but also by Gotti, another member of the Fire Tank pirate gang, who saw him and Vito on deck.

Cabin: In Sanji’s cabin, Caesar sits handcuffed in a cage, upset at the difference in treatment between him and Sanji. Sanji wants peace, so he demands that Gotti and Vito stop bothering him. Gotti can’t let this disrespectful manner towards Vito go unpunished and wants to attack Sanji. Vito tries to calm Gotti down, saying that Sanji is valuable to them after all. However, Gotti only allows himself to be calmed down when a stern female voice is heard. A woman with a strong resemblance to Lola stomps towards Gotti. She tells him that heads will roll from everyone here if anything happens to Sanji, so she drags him out of the room. Sanji knows he’s seen the woman’s face before. Vito also leaves the room, hoping to continue their conversation later.

A few days later, Thousand Sunny: The crew has finally left the storm area and is now in the boiling hot sea; an area where the temperature is so high that even the sea is boiling. Brook, Pedro, Chopper and Luffy try their luck at fishing so they don’t have to face starvation. Just as Luffy is toying with the idea of using Chopper for emergency provisions, a massive fish finally bites on Luffy’s line. Luffy is able to reel in the fish and is already looking forward to eating.

Meanwhile, in a foggy area, some people are sailing across the sea on a massive snail. A woman and a man talk and explain to each other how much they are already looking forward to seeing “him” again.

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