One Piece Episode 782

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Coast: Vice Admiral Prodi points a bazooka at Luffy. While he doesn’t care about the small amount of provisions Luffy and his comrades stole, he cannot allow a pirate – especially someone from the Worst Generation – to do as he pleases on a naval base. Prodi fears he might even be demoted for it. Nami wants to move quickly to the sub, where Brook is already waiting for her. Prodi has noticed the sub and attacks it with his bazooka. Prodi then boasts that he often trained with Garp and that his Haki enhanced weapon usually proved to be a tried and true remedy against Garp’s fists. A fight then breaks out between the Straw Hats and the marines.

Silo: Ant De Bonham and Zappa hear the sounds of battle from the coast. They want to go there with Grount, but his fighting spirit has been broken. Tears come to his eyes at the thought that he is too weak. Bonam tries to bring his comrade back to his senses with a punch, as Grount was always someone who kept getting back up. When Grount shows no reaction, Bonam thinks he is wasting his time and wants to leave without Grount. Zappa also leaves Grount saying that Bonam had his transformation techniques, he himself had his swords and Grount had his special arm and Grount shouldn’t forget what Admiral Aokiji once taught them.

Coast: Prodi is just defeated by a Gomu Gomu no Eagle bazooka from Luffy. As the Vice Admiral flies away unconscious, he is caught by Bonam. Bonam and Zappa get in Luffy’s way again and demand a rematch.

Flashback, Grount recalls his first encounter with Aokiji: Grount loses control of his arm and releases a massive shockwave that causes much chaos on his home island. Admiral Aokiji is riding his bike along the ocean when he hears the sounds and decides to head to the island. He finds a town in ruins with the little boy Grount sitting and crying bitterly. The Admiral inquires if he caused the chaos. Suddenly he is attacked by a massive insistent monster arm that seems to grow out of Grount. The boy has no control over his arm, so he begs the Admiral to cut it off. Before the boy can hurt him, Aokiji freezes the boy’s arm.

Some years later, Marine Ford: Grount, who has become a marine, asks Admiral Aokiji to accompany him on his travels along with Bonam and Zappa. But the latter refuses. Grount, meanwhile, has a device around his arm that keeps it under control as long as Grount remains calm. However, Aokiji is worried about what might happen if Grount loses his temper in a fight, which is why he should take his time.

Present: Grount believes he has understood what the Admiral was trying to teach him and goes on his way.

Coast: Luffy has just defeated Bonam and Zappa when Brook shows up to pick everyone up in the submarine. Shortly after, Grount appears and challenges Luffy to another duel. He declares that he would defeat Luffy using his left arm. Luffy realizes that Grount is now much more determined and orders his friends to board the submarine already. Grount now destroys the apparatus of his left arm and presents his monster arm. A fierce fight breaks out between Luffy and Grount, but in the end Luffy is able to win it. When Grount regains consciousness, he asks his friends what happened to Luffy. Bonam explains to him that the pirates have escaped. Grount is frustrated, however he enjoyed the fight and acknowledges that Luffy was really worth his bounty. Grount, Bonam, and Zappa then promise each other to get stronger and capture the Straw Hat next time.

Thousand Sunny: Pedro, Pekoms and Luffy have already eaten the captured supplies in ten minutes, which shocks Nami. Luffy isn’t worried, however, as they will surely get food again. The crew then sails on towards Whole Cake Island.

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