One Piece Episode 780

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Thousand Sunny: Since Luffy used up all the supplies on an inedible meal, the crew is starving. Shortly after, Pedro spots an island nearby with binoculars. Nami remembers seeing an island on the map Pedro showed her before leaving. Luffy immediately wants to head for the island, but Pekoms advises against it because the island is a naval base. According to Pekoms, the base was set up to keep an eye on Big Mom’s territory. The crew decides to anchor off the island anyway to replenish their supplies. Pedro and Pekoms stay behind on the Sunny. Nami, Luffy, Brook, Chopper and Carrot use the submarine to sneak in.

A naval ship is returning to base, which is reported to Senior Vice Admiral Prodi. Suddenly, gunshots and ruckus are heard from the ship. A naval officer with red hair and machine arm is attacking other marines. With one blow of his machine arm, the red haired naval officer is able to create a shockwave that defeats everyone and destroys a piece of the ship. Prodi recognizes the naval officer as one of the rookies. The rookie explains that all he did was make sure that the weaklings reverted back to their old unit.

Meanwhile, Brook, in his ghost form, has scared some marines so badly that they have lost consciousness. Nami, Carrot, Chopper and Luffy take their uniforms to pass as marines, even though Luffy is anything but thrilled to have to wear a marine uniform. Brook returns to the submarine to guard it. Nami explores the area with binoculars and finds the food silo, but this is very close to the headquarters. She is about to come up with a plan when she and Chopper notice that Luffy and Carrot are already following their respective noses to the food.

Naval Base, Prodi’s office: The Vice Admiral complains to Garp about the rookie Grount and his actions at the docks. Garp explains that Grount wanted the transfer before Garp hangs up on him as well. Prodi asks Grount the reason for his transfer, to which he tells his superior that he’s going after Big Mom. Prodi is stunned by the rookie’s naivety and arrogance. He goes through his record and sees that he already became a Marine captain at 17, earning the nickname “All-Hunt.” Further, Grount was originally in Kuzan’s unit. Prodi is upset with the kind of people Kuzan left the Navy after he left. Shortly after, however, Prodi speaks ill of Kuzan, which enrages Grount. He is restrained, however, and Prodi orders that Grount can go back for now until he comes up with a punishment for his behavior.

Outside the base: Luffy and Carrot have now entered the base.

Canteen: When Grount enters the room, he gets a nasty look from all the marines. Grount doesn’t care and some of the marines accuse him of not wanting to take care of his comrades. When one of the soldiers tries to attack Grount, Grount punches him back. A huge and muscular soldier named Bonam appears. The latter embraces Grount stormily, as he has not seen the latter for a long time. As it turns out, both are old friends from their time under Kuzan. Grount inquires about Zappa, to which Bonam points to a depressed naval officer with two swords crying on his food. Zappa has proposed to every woman here and they have all rejected him. Bonam invites Grount to eat with them, since they have some catching up to do. Meanwhile, Luffy and Carrot have already ordered themselves a portion of curry.

Meanwhile, a Marine unit has discovered the unconscious marines in the woods. When the soldiers who were robbed by the Straw Hats report to Vice Admiral Prodi what has happened, he orders that every possible route to infiltrate the base be investigated. He also wants to see what the video Den-den Mushis recorded.

Canteen: Nami and Chopper now also enter the canteen and are stunned at how carelessly Luffy and Carrot move among the soldiers. Nevertheless, they are also very hungry and procure a large portion of curry. Now Carrot spots Nami and Chopper as well and calls their names loudly across the room. Nami and Chopper want the bunny mink to understand that she should stop calling their real names before someone else recognizes them. Zappa overhears this and recognizes Nami as the pirate thief. He races towards her with a Geppou, saying that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. He explains that he recognized Nami immediately, seeing her wanted poster in front of him day and night. He falls to his knees in front of Nami and asks her to marry him, which Nami declines. However, Zappa won’t take no for an answer and tries to give her a kiss with his eyes closed, which ends up on the cafeteria lady’s ladle as Nami and Chopper have already fled. Zappa then returns to Grount and Bonam, depressed. Luffy, meanwhile, grabs a large pot of curry, which upsets many of the other soldiers since they also wanted to eat.

Surveillance Room: Prodi notices the small commotion in the canteen and recognizes Luffy as Garp’s grandson. The alarm is then sounded, announcing Luffy’s presence in the canteen. When Nami and Chopper hear the announcement, they immediately run to the food silo to grab at least some supplies. Carrot and Luffy, on the other hand, are immediately surrounded by all the marines. Grount has also recognized Luffy now and is already looking forward to a fight with him.


  • According to Franky, there is actually only room for three people in the submarine, but in this episode there are five people in the sub.
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