One Piece Episode 779


Thousand Sunny: Luffy wants to start cooking when he remembers that he doesn’t even know how to cook. Nevertheless, he just starts chopping up the food supplies. Pedro jumps down from the crow’s nest and asks Chopper to get Luffy out of the kitchen to look at the paper. With a shock, Luffy reads that the Revolutionaries’ base had been found, but was in ruins. However, there is no trace of Dragon and his men. There are also a few mugshots of Dragon and Sabo in it. This is the first time Luffy sees a picture of his father, wondering why he doesn’t look like him at all. However, not knowing his own father at all, Luffy is more worried about Sabo. Nami reads that Blackbeard and his gang are supposed to have attacked and half-destroyed the Revolutionaries’ headquarters before the Cipher Pol got to it, after which Blackbeard fled. However, since the newspaper doesn’t report anything about any of the Revolutionaries’ leaders being arrested or killed, Pedro thinks it’s probably safe to assume Dragon and Sabo are okay. Suddenly, the conversation is interrupted by an explosion and fire in the kitchen, as Luffy had forgotten he still had the stove on. However, they can’t take care of it yet as Nami notices a storm gathering. The navigator also explains right away that it will rain so heavily that the fire would be extinguished in a moment. Still, they need to prepare the ship for the storm. Carrot seems to have gotten caught in such a storm for the first time and looks a bit scared, while the rest of the group does their best to weather the storm.

Zou: Wanda has learned from Bariete that Carrot snuck onto the Straw Hats’ ship and bought the monkey’s silence with bananas. Wanda is not angry, however, as she was merely worried about Carrot. However, now that she knows that she is with Luffy & Co, Wanda knows not to worry. She then goes to Inuarashi and asks him what he is thinking about, as he stares aimlessly at the horizon. The King of Day then explains that Jack surely used a Vivre Card to find his way here twice at once. He hopes that the card went down with Zunesha’s attack, otherwise there might be another attack.

Underwater: At the bottom of the ocean lie the remains of Jack’s fleet. Jack himself, whose mouthguard has been destroyed, revealing his shark-like teeth, is just waking up from his unconsciousness and wants someone to pull him back up, since he can’t move underwater as a Devil Fruit user.

Kaidou’s Base: Some of Kaidou’s men report to their captain that his suspicions were correct, that Jack had failed to free Doflamingo from the Navy. Kaidou, meanwhile, is busy finishing a large bottle of alcohol in one go. The men thus go on to explain that the trade in artificial devil fruit has thus been brought to a complete halt. Kaidou then stops drinking and starts crying bitterly. The men are already used to this sight and suspect that he is just drunk as a skunk again and thus extremely emotional. Kaidou mourns the loss of his business partner, with whom he had the dream of building the biggest and strongest pirate gang of devil fruit users ever. At the same time, he also blames him for losing to a newcomer from the so-called Worst Generation. One of the men says not to underestimate them anyway, to which Kaidou hands him Luffy’s wanted poster and gives Law’s wanted poster to the man next to him. With just one swipe of his club, he hurls the two men out of the cave several miles away, angrily asking what was wrong with underestimating the Alliance where they couldn’t hurt him. He then asks the rest of his men if they also forgot who they were talking to, which they immediately deny. There is nothing left of the previous grief, and Kaidou now seems controlled only by tremendous rage and fury. He thinks that Luffy and Law must be feeling extra strong because they managed to defeat a Samurai of the Seas, which he thinks is laughable. He seems to be slowly calming down, takes another swig from his flask, and turns to a cell where the bloodied Eustass Kid lies, shouting at him to tell the rest of his generation they’d better get out while they can, since all they’ve done so far is play pirates.

Thousand Sunny: After the storm subsides, Luffy presents what he has cooked; a massive pot of homemade curry. However, the curry itself is blue/purple and has a lot of uncooked rice in it. None of the people present dare eat any of it. When Luffy tries it himself, it almost comes back up on him. Nami then goes to get something edible from the kitchen, only to be horrified to find that her captain has used up the entire week’s supply, leaving them with no provisions.

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