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Zou, Zunesha’s Wounded Leg: The Minks have now completed the dressing in their ships. Dr. Miyagi is amazed by Chopper’s medical knowledge, which he gained in Sakura and the Bird Kingdom. He promises that they will check on the wound frequently and change the bandage. He admits that the Minks probably took Zunesha too much for granted, but they were reminded by recent events that their land is a living thing and they would take better care of it from now on. Miyagi would still like to ask the elephant where he is actually going.

Claugh: Momonosuke, meanwhile, has asked Kinemon to stay on Zou. He wants to talk to Zunesha again and thus learn why he is the only one who can answer the elephant. He wonders if this possibly has to do with his family. Kinemon can understand this, but isn’t thrilled with the idea, since they’re waiting for them in Wano Country. Inuarashi then explains that he will also stay on Zou to protect their home from any more of Jack’s attacks. He would thus watch over Momonosuke meanwhile and bring him over himself later. Kinemon agrees and gives him a Vivre Card that Nekomamushi made of him. Kinemon explains that they will thus split into four groups. The first group is led by Nekomamushi and is looking for Marco and the Whitebeard pirates. The second group, led by Inuarashi, will stay on Zou and join them later. The third group will be led by Luffy and will head to Big Mom’s island to retrieve Sanji. The fourth and final, consisting of the remaining Straw Hats, Law, and the Samurais, will already be heading to Wano Country and preparing everything for battle. With the help of Kinemon’s Vivre Card, all the other groups are able to follow them, but there are problems in communication since they don’t have Den-den Mushis. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are embarrassed to admit that they don’t have any in their country. Robin and Franky overheard the conversation and Robin explains she saw some wild Den-den Mushis in the forest. Franky in turn offers to convert them, which would be easy for him.

Guardians’ Barracks: Luffy searches for Pekoms and sees that his room, or rather the entire house, has collapsed. Under the rubble, however, Luffy finds him, or rather his turtle shell, from which he appears shortly after. Pekoms explains that he once ate of the turtle fruit and since then he is also able to grow a shell, which is as hard as a diamond. Luffy, however, barely listens, instead tying the Lion Mink to his back and running off with him to finally leave.

At another point, Nekomamushi is saying goodbye to his troops when Pedro jumps down from a tree in front of him and asks him for something on his knees. He explains that Sanji helped save this land, but was kidnapped here. Besides Pekoms, another Mink should be added to the rescue team so they can pay their debt to the Straw Hats. Nekomamushi rightly assumes that Pedro is thus asking him to go along. However, shortly after, Shishilian and his two musketeer comrades rush in with full force to accompany the Straw Hat. Pedro, however, says that Shishilian, with his loud manner, would be the last person to join in a secret action. The two start arguing until Wanda literally gets in between them and declares that she, who spent most of her time with the Straw Hats, would be much better suited. Tristan comes running in and declares that she would be a better choice as Chopper’s assistant. Rody and Blackback then offer to go along as well, since they fought Luffy and recognize him as a friend. Sheep Mink Yomo declares he should go along since Nami likes sleeping on him. The dog clan in turn wants to go along to keep nibbling on Brook. More and more Minks come along and want to go with the Straw Hats. However, Nekomamushi is able to calm them down and explains that Pedro will accompany them since he is the only one who can keep Pekoms under control.

Meanwhile, before leaving, Usopp gave Nami a new upgraded version of her climate wand. This contains not only Weatheria’s technology, but also Usopp’s Pop Green plants, which means Nami can now lengthen or shorten her stick at will. Nami immediately does a test and is thrilled with the results. However, when Usopp asks for payment, the navigator disappears in a flash.

Main Gate: At the main gate, Luffy’s group says goodbye to their friends and the other Minks. Wanda wishes Nami well, the dogs are eager to nibble on Brook again, Miyagi and Tristan thank Chopper for his knowledge and wish him a safe journey. Kanjuro offers to draw them a bird to take them down. Luffy, however, feels that this is not necessary. He clutches his group with his rubber arms and, to the shock of his group members, simply jumps off the elephant without warning. While the rest of the people are also shocked, the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates is already used to such behavior and wishes them another safe trip.

Arabasta, harbor: Vivi calls out to her father to hurry up. He is surprised at his daughter’s good mood, which she explains is because it has been a while since she was able to go out to sea.

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