One Piece Episode 774


Whale Forest, Guardians’ Lodgings: Luffy and Momonosuke are still hearing a massive voice that is giving them a headache. However, the voice does not answer Luffy’s question about who it is. Pedro remembers hearing that Gold Roger and Oden had the same experience. Meanwhile, the quakes are getting stronger, so the Straw Hats have their hands full trying to keep the population safe from falling trees and houses. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi suspect that something must have happened to the elephant named Zunesha.

Momonosuke’s headache, meanwhile, grows stronger and suddenly he begins to see what Zunesha sees and realizes that the elephant is being attacked by Jack. The two kings of Zou still don’t quite understand where Momonosuke got his realization about the attack, however, it makes sense and they send their army to fight Jack at sea. Suddenly, Luffy and Momonosuke hear the voice again, complaining about how much pain she’s in and fearing that if she faints, she’ll take everyone with her. At that moment, Momonosuke realizes that the voice is coming from the elephant Zunesha. Again, Zunesha narrates, which Momonosuke then relays. He explains that the elephant started a crime many centuries ago and since then has only been allowed to roam. He must carry out this order, whatever comes. After another quake, Momonosuke hears Zunesha ask for permission to fight back this one time. The quakes get worse and the elephant stands more and more at an angle as it is about to fall over. Luffy shouts to Momonosuke to give the elephant the order before they all end up in the ocean, as he feels the elephant would only listen to Momonosuke. Momonosuke isn’t sure if he can do this, but Luffy confirms to him that he should just yell as loud as he can to the elephant. After a few moments of hesitation, Momonosuke yells to the elephant to do his best not to fall and drive Jack away. The elephant has perceived the command and tries to get back up.

Jack’s ships: Jack’s crew is surprised when the elephant suddenly shows reaction and seems to move. In fact, he stands up straight again and has positioned himself right in front of Jack’s ships. As he lunges with his trunk, Jack and Ginrummy realize too late what Zunesha is up to. With one swipe of his trunk, he tosses the entire fleet of ships into the air, only to smash them to pieces on the sea with the next swipe. Only debris is left of the fleet of ships, while Jack, his metal mouthguard completely destroyed, falls unconscious into the sea. Bariete, who was watching the whole thing with a telescope, immediately reports back, while Zunesha turns away and continues his endless march.

Whale Forest, Destroyed Shelters: Momonosuke and Luffy haven’t heard the voice in a while now, and things seem to have calmed down. Momonosuke collapses from exhaustion shortly after, just as Bariete shows up to explain what happened. Franky is impressed by the elephant’s strength. Inuarashi, on the other hand, never imagined that Zunesha had consciousness or the same intelligence as herself, and that one would be able to even communicate with him. Usopp, meanwhile, is reassured that they won’t have to hear from Jack for a while, as he surely met his end at the bottom of the sea as a Devil Fruit user. Luffy, meanwhile, wants to move on and leave right away, so he asks the Minks for some provisions for the journey. Nekomamushi grants him this, but explains that they really need to find out how Jack managed to find his way here a second time. Luffy wishes him luck in finding out and hopes that Zunesha can become an ally as well.

Kaidou’s headquarters: In a cell lies the unconscious Kid. The ringing of a Den-den Mushi can be heard. As Kaidou picks up, he hears Scratchmen Apoo tell him that contact with Jack has been broken off, enraging the Emperor.

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