One Piece Episode 773


Zou, Forest: Nekomamushi explains that he wants to find Marco to help them with their cause. Luffy then ponders hard who Marco was again. The other Straw Hats have never met him, but have heard a lot about Whitebeard’s former right-hand man and are sure he would be a great help. Franky wonders if it would even be that easy to find him, because of what happened a year ago. As Luffy continues to ponder who Marco even is, Robin clues him in that his head looks like a pineapple, at which point Luffy remembers how Marco helped him in the war on Marine Ford. He asks why it would be hard to find him. Nekomamushi then explains that a year ago, Marco, the rest of the Whitebeard pirate gang, and some allies challenged Blackbeard and his gang. This battle became known as the Retaliation War and almost everyone from the Straw Hat Pirates heard about it. Robin explains that Marco’s side lost the battle, however, and he has not been heard from since, while Blackbeard rose to become one of the Four Emperors as a result of this victory. Luffy can hardly believe what he is hearing. He explains that he lost consciousness after Ace’s death, but Jinbe later told him that Marco and the Whitebeard pirates made sure that he and Jinbe escaped easily. Luffy would therefore like to thank Marco in person one day. Kinemon explains that they also need to make some preparations and go back to Wano Country to gather their comrades they are worried about. Furthermore, they need to plan a strategy. Zoro worries about this plan, as Kinemon and the other three will eventually be sought by Kaidou and the Shogun, so it would be quite dangerous to return to the enemy’s base. Law offers his help, explaining that he can get the samurais to Wano Country on his submarine without being seen. Kinemon is grateful for the offer and immediately accepts. Nekomamushi then explains that they should make a Vivre Card from Kinemon and will meet again on Wano Country once everyone has completed their preparations. Shortly after, the civilians of the Minks, as well as Wanda and Carrot, come running to explain that they have prepared a feast for Raizo’s departure, the reunion of the kings, and the arrival of the Kozuki clan. Raizo is extremely touched when he sees the Minks’ wounds and they ask him if he is okay despite their injuries.

Luffy has returned to the Nekomamushi camp and is looking forward to the feast, but Nami explains that they don’t have time for that, especially since they already had a feast. She reminds him that they need to save Sanji. Luffy wonders about the choice of words and asks if Nami wants to come along, which she confirms. Luffy couldn’t even reach the island without a navigator, and besides, she feels responsible for what happened. Chopper also wants to come along to check on Pekoms. Brook also feels responsible for what happened and wants to come too. Luffy asks Kinemon if it’s okay if his group gets smaller for this, but Kinemon has no problem with it. In fact, Kinemon would prefer to come along himself, since he still owes Sanji. The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates thus wants to go to Wano Country with Kinemon and Law for now. Robin, however, asks Luffy to bring a print of Big Mom’s Poneglyph for her beforehand. She, on the other hand, would try to get a print of Kaidou’s Poneglyph. Luffy promises to take care of it. However, the peaceful moment is suddenly disturbed when the elephant the island is on suddenly starts yelling loudly and starts to tip over. For everyone on Zou, this is tantamount to an earthquake. Luffy, however, hears a voice at this that no one else seems to notice. Everyone tries to keep the civilians from collapsing buildings and clinging to the trees. As they do so, Kinemon notices that Momonosuke seems to hear a voice as well. The voice is so loud that it gives Luffy and Momonosuke a severe headache. However, they seem to be the only ones hearing it, which surprises Nekomamushi and Inuarashi. The voice asks if there is anyone there to give him an order. However, there is no answer to Luffy’s question of who is speaking.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Jack and his pirate ships are responsible for the elephant’s screams. Jack has ordered his men to shoot the same spot by the leg over and over until they reach the knee and the elephant goes down.

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