One Piece Episode 771


Momonosuke tearfully confirms that his father was a member of the Roger pirate gang and thus knew about Laugh Tale as well as the missing 100 years of world history. The narrator then explains again what the 100 years of world history is all about, and that all that is known is that the world government was founded during that time, and that it then had destroyed all records of that time period and forbade anyone from ever researching it.

Zoro now understands why Caesar and Doflamingo were after the samurai. Since the two of them were indirectly working for Kaidou, who wanted this information, he hoped that Kinemon & Co. learned something from Oden. Usopp asks if they really knew anything, to which Kinemon explains that Oden never told them anything to protect them from such a situation. Kanjuro and the other samurais feel ashamed since they were supposed to be Oden’s shields but ended up being saved by him, who sacrificed himself. Still, their fighting spirit would not be broken as they would live on for Oden’s last words and avenge him. When asked what the words were, the samurais declare “Open Wano Country.” Chopper asks Brook what was meant by that, to which the skeleton explains that Wano Country is an independent/secluded country that no one is allowed in or out of. If it were to be “opened up” to the world, it would mean that people from other countries would be allowed in, and the inhabitants of Wano Country would be allowed to explore the rest of the world. However, Kinemon explains that the country is currently under the rule of the Shogun and Kaidou. While their allies are fighting against their forces, they are outnumbered, so they went out to sea to look for allies to help them in their fight. Their first destination before they were separated was to be Zou, as she and the Minks had been allies for a long time. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi state that they would have agreed to this. However, they ended up being attacked and defeated themselves by a unit of Kaidou, Jack and his gang. Franky says that this would not count as they fought unfairly, but the dog mink denies this. In a fight to the death, there would be no referee like in sports to decide what is fair and what is not. Still, they would not let such a defeat happen twice. After all, they would have an ace up their own sleeves, which is why they would show them the true power of the Minks in their next fight. Kinemon then asks Luffy and Law to join their cause as well and join them in taking down Kaidou and the Shogun. Luffy briefly looks over at Momonosuke, who hasn’t said anything this entire time as he is still crying. Luffy then declines, to the shock of Usopp, who was already looking forward to the extra help from the Samurais and Minks. Usopp tries to plead with Luffy, but he continues to refuse as long as Momonosuke doesn’t pull himself together. Nami, Usopp, and Brook think that Luffy is asking too much of an eight-year-old boy who lost his father just a while ago. But Luffy thinks that if Momonosuke is going to act like a big man who is the leader of the samurai, he should show that he is too. The little samurai then tries to hold back the tears and walks towards Luffy.

Momonosuke remembers being surrounded by flames, his mother being murdered, and running helplessly around while Kaidou told him to his face that his father was a foolish ruler. In the present, Momonosuke tells Luffy that he wants to hunt Kaidou down. He would prefer to grow up and become strong as soon as possible so he can do it himself, but he is still small and weak at the moment, so he asks for Luffy’s help. He gets on his knees and begs the pirate captain for his help to protect his friends and his country. Before Momonosuke can even ram his head into the ground as he pleads, Luffy stops him, reaches out to him, and declares he’ll accept it now as long as he gets to take care of Kaidou himself. Momonosuke is grateful and chimes in. The Minks, the Samurais, and the Pirates are glad that their leaders have come to an agreement after all, though Law thinks that Luffy should have asked him first. Kinemon then says to his two comrades from Wano Country that they are still considering how to treat Momonosuke in the future. So far, they would have only thought of him as a child and tried to protect him from everything, even though he’s actually their leader. Only Luffy would have thought of him as an equal until now, which is probably what Momonosuke really needed. Raizo now also understands why his friends think so highly of Luffy. Kinemon then goes to Momonosuke and lifts him up as he, Law, Inuarashi, and Luffy stand in a circle and the Straw Hat Captain declares that they are the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance from now on.

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