One Piece Episode 770


Hideout in the Whale Tree: Luffy is all excited after hearing that they got their clue to the last island of Laugh Tale, and wonders if they’ll find the One Piece there too. Luffy wants to run right out and find the other three red Poneglyphs in the world. Nekomamushi explains that while they only have one poneglyph here, he would know where two more are. Two of the red Poneglyphs were found by pirate gangs. Therefore, it would be really beneficial if Luffy sails to Whole Cake Island with Pekoms, since Big Mom owns one of those Poneglyphs. The other is in the possession of Kaidou. Nami, Brook, Chopper, and Usopp are shocked to hear that two of the Four Emperors, of all people, possess the red Poneglyphs, and despair at the mere thought of what is to come. Luffy does not understand this, as they would just have to defeat them and rob them. Usopp explains that he didn’t plan on fighting such strong opponents so quickly. Nekomamushi explains that a fight isn’t really necessary either. They would just have to manage to get a copy or a print of the text from the Poneglyph, that way they wouldn’t have to lug around the massive stones either. Usopp then suggests sneaking into Kaidou and Big Mom’s headquarters, getting prints, and thus arriving at Laugh Tale first, before anyone notices. But Luffy finds this way cowardly and wants a direct confrontation. A fight ensues between the two.

Chopper asks Nami if it would be enough if they only had three of the Poneglyphs, which the navigator denies. They’ll have to go looking for the fourth one themselves after they find the others. Nekomamushi explains what would worry him more would be the fact that in recent years, many people have been trying to collect the Poneglyphs to unravel the 100 years of forgotten history. Once they should have enough, they will in all likelihood hunt down Robin to decipher them for them, as she is currently the only one in the world who can. However, Robin explains that she is not afraid, as she has strong friends protecting her after all.

Flashback: During a storm, Jack attempted to raid Doflamingo’s transport with only one ship to get it for Kaidou. When the ship battle was unsuccessful, Jack’s ship charged directly at Sengoku’s, Fujitora’s, and Crane’s.

Present: Jack is just waking up from his dream in which he relived the events of that time. His men tell him that Sheepshead has since returned.

Zou, Hideout in the Whale Tree: Robin asks Nekomamushi how they actually know so much about the Poneglyphs, to which he explains that it has to do with their master Kozuki Oden. Before he talks further, however, he asks Inuarashi and Momonosuke if he’s even allowed to do this, to which he gets permission from Momonosuke. Nekomamushi then explains that the Kozuki clan was a clan of stonemasons, and 800 years ago, their grandiose work created indestructible books, now known as Poneglyphs. Everyone is shocked to hear that the Kozuki clan are the inventors of the Poneglyphs. Luffy inquires if this means they are also able to read the stones and write the script. Kinemon denies this, saying that this is a secret that was passed down from generation to generation in the Kozuki family until this tradition was unintentionally broken before the knowledge could be passed down to Momonosuke. With heavy hearts and tears, the samurai vassals try to bring themselves to explain that their former ruler and Momonosuke’s father, Kozuki Oden, was executed by the Shogun Wano Country as well as the pirate Kaidou, who uses the land as his base. Zoro inquires as to why Wano Country was attacked, to which Kinemon explains that Kaidou was trying to get information since Kozuki Oden was a member of the former Roger pirate gang, traveled with them to Laugh Tale, and unlocked the secret of the world.

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