One Piece Episode 768


Jack’s Ship: Jack reads the newspaper that says he died trying to free Doflamingo. Jack seems to have only suffered some injuries and asks his men if he looks dead to them. His men, of course, immediately deny this. Jack then says that their trip back to Zou is taking too long for him and orders them to speed up the ship. Jack is then seen to be on his way with four other ships.

Zou, Claugh: Kinemon thanks the Minks and, to prove that he is indeed a representative of the Kozuki clan, shows them a tattoo on his back with the clan’s mark, which, according to some Minks, is also worn by Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. The two kings welcome Kinemon’s arrival, but start arguing with each other again shortly after. Momonosuke can’t stand by and watch this for long, and tearfully orders them to stop fighting, as they were once the best of friends and his father certainly wouldn’t be pleased with this development. Immediately, the two Minks drop their weapons, kneel before Momonosuke, and apologize. Robin then suspects that the Minks weren’t the only ones keeping secrets from them and telling lies. Kinemon then apologizes, explaining that he was in fact not Momonosuke’s father at all, but one of his vassals (as well as Kanjuro, Inuarashi, and Nekomamushi). In fact, Momonosuke’s real name was Momonosuke Kozuki, son of Kozuki Oden, the ruler of Wano Country. However, in order to avoid putting more enemies on their trail during their journey, the samurais concealed Momonosuke’s identity and pretended he was Kinemon’s son. The amount of information is a bit much for Chopper and Usopp. Meanwhile, Momonosuke apologizes for lying to Luffy and actually being someone important, which the Straw Hat Captain doesn’t really care about, much to Momonosuke’s annoyance. A small argument and friendly scuffle ensues between the two. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are surprised at how well Momonosuke is doing, even though the incident was only a few months ago. They guessed that the pirates must really be a good influence on him if he’s able to laugh like that again. Not wanting to make the young lord cry again, the two decide to bury the hatchet for now and start talking to each other again without falling over each other. The other Minks are totally flabbergasted and celebrate that the years of fighting finally seem to be over. Wanda even calls this another miracle.

Whale Tree: The two kings have led the Straw Hat Pirates, the Samurais and Law to the massive tree. They walk up its bark, which is shaped like a path, to get to Raizo. Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper are all excited to meet a ninja soon. Meanwhile, Momonosuke has a headache and thinks he hears a voice getting louder. Kinemon thinks Momonosuke has the same ability as Oden, to which the two Mink Kings think there was another person with the same ability. A secret door is revealed at the tail fin of the whale tree, whereupon the group goes through it, then down a long flight of stairs. After some time, they then hear a voice, which Nekomamushi explains belongs to Raizo. Immediately, Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, and Franky run down the last section to finally see the ninja. However, the little man with a big head and quirky haircut looks entirely different than they imagined. In tears, Raizo asks Nekomamushi to finally hand him over to the enemy so more people don’t get hurt.

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