One Piece Episode 767


Zou: Franky, Robin and Brook wake up and are startled to find that they all fell asleep at the same time and thus missed the arrival of Kinemon and Kanjuro. Franky also notices that in addition to the dragon drawing, a tiger drawing has now been added. The three decide to quickly search for the samurais before the Minks discover them and the situation could get out of hand.

Claugh: Bariete ran to town to ring a big bell to let everyone know that the samurais have arrived on Zou.

Ubala Forest: Inuarashi and the musketeers have also heard the bell and are getting ready to fight again. The King of the Day rides ahead on a crocodile, while Shishilian leads the other musketeers to follow him.

But the bell has also woken up Nekomamushi and his Guardians on the other side of Zou, who are already running through the woods looking for the samurais.

Guardians Base: Nami slowly wakes up and realizes what’s going on, whereupon she tries to wake up her friends to prevent the worst from happening.

Forest: Kinemon and Kanjuro also hear the bell and wonder what it means. Kinemon guesses that the bell is probably to let them know that guests have arrived on Zou and they surely will be welcomed right away. Suddenly, someone comes out of the bushes. It’s Momonosuke. This one was glad to see Kinemon and Kanjuro back safe and sound. He explains that he woke up and found no one, which is why he went to look for everyone. The three samurais then move on together to look for Luffy & Co.

Claugh: Nekomamushi has arrived in town, but has yet to find the samurais. Pedro jumps onto the roof of a building to get a better view and is horrified to discover that Inuarashi is also in town, across the street. Since the King of Day and the King Night of Zou can’t get along, the situation is dicey. However, by a happy coincidence, they both just happen to be looking in the opposite direction as their paths, in search of the samurais, cross. Just as Pedro is about to breathe a sigh of relief, Shishilian joins in and lets out a loud scream of shock when he sees Nekomamushi, after which the two kings do notice each other now. They both slowly walk towards each other, with Pedro and Shishilian trying to stop it to no avail. Meanwhile the Samurais have reached the city and see the group of Minks in front of them. Before they can greet them, however, the Straw Hats join them and hide the Samurais behind some ruins.

After a few years of not seeing each other, Inuarashi tells Nekomamushi that he looks much more monstrous than before. Nekomamushi in turn notices that Inuarashi has lost a leg. The dog mink then flashes back to how Jack tortured him and threatened to cut off his leg if he didn’t tell him where Raizo was. When Inuarashi retorted that if he did, his leg would probably be lost, the pirate didn’t hesitate for a second to follow through on his threat. Back in the present, the dog mink counters that he notices that Nekomamushi has lost a hand, which probably means he can’t fight anymore, only eat lasagna. The argument between the two becomes more and more intense until they decide that this land should only have one king. But before the fight really starts, Kinemon shows up and asks to stop. He explains that he is a samurai and representative of the Kozuki clan and is looking for his comrade Raizo, who is supposed to be here. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi then stop fighting and head towards Kinemon, all the Minks present do the same. The Straw Hat Pirates wants to prepare for the worst and takes up position behind Kinemon, with Kanjuro and Momonosuke standing next to him in the meantime. The two kings then sit down in front of the samurais and start crying bitterly, having been expecting them for a long time. Inuarashi then declares that Raizo is safe. The Straw Hat Pirates reacts in shock. Usopp roars because he can’t understand how the Minks almost allowed their entire civilization to be destroyed because of a lie. Nekomamushi apologizes for keeping it a secret from the Straw Hats as well, however the Minks of Zou and the Kozuki clan are as close as family and the Minks would never betray or sell out their friends. While some of the Straw Hats are in tears as they are touched by so much loyalty, Luffy has to smile as he thinks the Minks are great.

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