One Piece Episode 764


Flashback, two days ago, in Capone’s body: Capone has told Sanji that he and Big Mom’s daughter are getting married, which is why Sanji should accompany them. When Sanji asks what will happen if he refuses, Vito whispers something in his ear that disturbs the Straw Hats’ cook, who then asks how they got this information. Capone replies that this is a stupid question, after all, their boss is one of the Four Emperors: Big Mom. She has control over countless islands, a huge army, an information network and the ability to do anything she wants. If she wanted someone to die, they would be as good as dead. Brook and Chopper ask Sanji what Vito whispered to him, but Sanji doesn’t answer. Chopper explains that Sanji shouldn’t worry about them and they would also be fighting one of the Four Emperors, so Sanji doesn’t need to go. However, the ship’s cook continues to remain silent until he asks Capone for paper and a pen. Sanji writes a note, goes to his friends, and hands it to Nami, asking her to give it to Luffy and the others. He apologizes to them, as he didn’t intend to hide anything from them. He can’t believe he has to hear Vinsmoke’s name again after all these years, and explains that he has to go to settle this matter from the past. He hugs Nami, Chopper, and Brook again and explains that he senses a strong presence outside, which must be from the Minks, which is why they should get ready. Before they ask what for, Sanji throws them out of Capone’s body. As the Fire Tank pirates go after them, Sanji stops them. He kicks the rifle out of one’s hand and threatens Caesar. When one of the men goes to shoot Sanji, he is stopped by Vito, confirming Sanji’s suspicions. He explains that the planned marriage solves the mystery surrounding his wanted poster, which says “Only Alive” on it. Sanji explains that they certainly also have orders to take him alive, without handcuffs, which is why they can’t hurt him. Further, Caesar is important to Big Mom, which is why they are also in trouble should Sanji shoot him now. Sanji explains that he knows exactly who made sure that his wanted poster said “Only Alive”. He adds that it was the same man who arranged this marriage. Sanji explains that he would go with the Fire Tank pirate gang to settle an old score with this man. However, Sanji warns Capone’s crew, should they come after his friends, he would shoot Caesar on sight. Enraged, Capone has to admit defeat as Sanji is pulling the strings at this point and orders his men to retreat.

Outside Capone’s Body: Capone has noticed that Nekomamushi is behind him. Clearly upset because of the injured Pekom, who was once one of his men, as well as Nami, Brook, and Chopper lying in chains. The Cat King asks Capone if this was his doing. Capone denies this and lies that he was part of Pekoms’ pirate crew. Nami, however, explains that this is a lie. She, Brook, and Chopper run up to Capone and talk to his still open chest that Sanji should come out too. However, Sanji explains inside that this is his problem to solve. With a smile, the ship’s cook bids farewell to his comrades as the gate on Capone’s chest begins to close moments later. Capone then leaps over the group, using his devil powers to transform his lower body into that of a tank so he can quickly drive away. Wanda, who was with Nekomamushi, wants to go after him, but Brook explains that there’s no point. Even if they caught him, Sanji would have already made his decision. In the face of how powerless they were when one of their friends was kidnapped right in front of them, Nami and Chopper burst into tears.

A little later, Wanda asks Nami where Sanji and Caesar or Cedar are. Nami explains that he volunteered to go with them earlier. Nekomamushi takes the hint and tells Wanda and Carrot not to tell anyone about what happened here today and to forget about it themselves. Pekoms would be taken care of by the nocturnals. Furthermore, he orders the two of them not to give any unnecessary information to the day-actives either.

Present: Luffy has been reading through Sanji’s message again, where it says that he will come back as soon as he meets a certain woman. He wonders if this means that Sanji will now get married and bring his wife back with him, giving them a new crew member. Nami thinks this is a bit too optimistic, to which Brook explains again that if Sanji marries the daughter of one of the Four Emperors, they will become Big Mom’s subordinates. However, Luffy does not want this, to which Brook explains that Sanji did not want this either. However, given the situation, the skeleton explains that Sanji may have no way to escape the wedding, which is why this leaves only one way out so they all don’t become Big Mom’s subordinates. Usopp now understands what Brook means. If Sanji leaves the gang, he’s no longer a Straw Hat Pirate marrying into Big Mom’s crew, which means the two gangs will continue to have nothing to do with each other and only Sanji will become her subordinate. However, Luffy finds this almost more unacceptable. Usopp wonders what it is about Sanji’s family anyway, who moved from the Northblue to the East Blue and are now supposed to be in the New World. Robin thinks he’s heard the name before, but can’t remember where. Meanwhile, Nami, Chopper, and Brook feel responsible for what happened, and Chopper worries that they may never see Sanji again. Zoro, however, doesn’t see this as a problem, which angers Chopper. Zoro explains that they’d better focus on the important problems. After destroying Caesar’s SAD supply, they next destroyed Doflamingo’s Smile factory, thus soon becoming the target of the latter’s ally Kaidou, who is also one of the Four Emperors. Now that they’ve already fought some of his men on Zou, Jack and more of Kaidou’s men will be after them, among others. They have joined forces with the Heart pirate gang to prepare for these battles. Kinemon & Co. also seem to be targets of Kaidou, which is why Kaidou himself doesn’t seem to be such a distant target anymore. Messing with another of the Four Emperors now feels unnecessary and stupid to Zoro, which is why he calls Sanji an idiot again. Before Chopper can say anything to that, Nami yells at Zoro, whereupon an argument ensues between the two until Luffy shares his decision that they’d best ask Sanji himself whether or not he’s coming back. The others think that this would be a suicide mission, as they shouldn’t take on one of the Four Emperors without help, to which Luffy explains that instead of going directly, they should just sneak up to Sanji. Chopper then explains that there is indeed a way to give chase. Brook confirms that Capone left behind someone important who can help them and should have woken up by now, so they should go see that person.

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