One Piece Episode 761


Zou: Chopper tells of the horrific sight of the poisoned Minks.

Flashback, ten days ago: Chopper, Sanji and Caesar have gone back into the forest for the time being, before the gas starts to affect them too. Chopper explains that he was able to sniff out a few components of the gas, but until he knows all of them, he can’t make an antidote. Laughing, Caesar proudly explains that he knows this gas. It’s called Koro and he invented it himself, which is why he’s happy to see it in use. Chopper immediately headbutts him, whereupon the scientist complains, after all, it wasn’t him who released the gas. However, Sanji and Chopper counter that if he hadn’t invented it, it wouldn’t have been released in the first place. Chopper demands that Caesar neutralize the gas and help make the antidote. Further, he asks how long the poisoned have before they die. With a smile, Caesar replies about 48 hours, but since a day has already passed since the release, the Minks could have significantly less time, to which Chopper gives the gas man another bump. As they argue whether they should help the Minks at all, since they have a reputation for hating humans, the trunk of the giant elephant they are on rises up to hose itself down with seawater. Caesar and Chopper are washed away by the sudden flood, but Sanji is able to save them both. However, when he hears Nami screaming, he threatens to crush Caesar’s heart, which was separated from Caesar’s body by Law, if he refuses to help them. Chopper explains that he and Caesar will take care of the poison gas, while Sanji should rush to Nami. Sanji goes off to help Brook and Nami fight off Sheepshead and Ginrummy (the events of episode 739).

Claugh: Meanwhile, Chopper and Caesar have returned to the city for Caesar to release a gas from there to neutralize his Koro gas. He calls this Roko. After the poison gas is gone from the atmosphere, the Minks slowly regain consciousness one by one, at which point Chopper calls out to the others. Sanji, Nami, Brook, and Momonosuke arrive in town a short time later. Sanji warns his friends not to let their guard down, as according to Caesar, Minks don’t take well to humans. No sooner said than Wanda leaps towards them with her sword raised and attacks Nami. Nami, however, wants no help from the others, seeing that Wanda is weakened from the poison. It is easy for the navigator to overpower Wanda, whereupon she brings out a detonated stick of dynamite to take Nami down with her. Wanda yells at Nami that she will never forgive Jack and his henchmen for what they have done to her, and again, through tears, declares that the samurai they are looking for is not here. At that moment, Tristan appears and explains to Wanda that Nami & Co. saved her from Jack’s people and that they have since left the country as well. Pedro joins them and puts out the fire on the dynamite while explaining that because of those people, the gas is gone too. Shortly after, Chopper and Caesar join them with a large amount of test tubes and explain that they don’t have much time to save the poisoned people. He explains he’s a doctor and will do his best, however he needs all the help he can get, to which Tristan immediately volunteers as a nurse. Wanda’s tears of joy come at this, as she thought this would be the end of her race.

Some time later, they set up a makeshift hospital tent to treat everyone. Wanda tells of civilians who would be hiding in the woods, to which Chopper explains that they need their help to move the injured and poisoned. Tristan runs off to get them. Sanji, Nami, Brook, and Momonosuke in turn give first aid to anyone else they find to tend to the obvious wounds. After Tristan brings the doctors out of the forest, some civilians join them as well. Soon the first antidotes are ready, which Wanda and Pedro are treated with. Together they manage to save all the Minks and the members of the Heart Pirates. Sanji in turn then prepares a big meal for everyone in the evening, while Brook plays his violin for entertainment.

Present: Wanda is still deeply touched that Nami & Co. saved her, even though they were strangers to her. She immediately hugs Nami and licks her face. Franky, on the other hand, is also moved to tears and howls like a castle dog, while it now makes sense to Usopp why they were so welcome. Luffy would like to teach Jack a lesson and frets that he’s probably already dead. Wanda doubts this though, having seen Jack in action. Since it’s nighttime by now, Chopper wants to go to Nekomamushi next to check on him. The Straw Hats want to accompany their doctor to meet the King of the Night. Since Wanda has a special position and is both diurnal and nocturnal and serves both kings, she accompanies the group.

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