One Piece Episode 760


Ubala Forest: Wanda tells the Straw Hats that the battle against Jack and his men lasted five days and five nights, with the diurnal and nocturnal minks constantly alternating.

Flashback, Claugh, during the night: Nekomamushi and Jack fight doggedly, but both always deflect each other’s blows. Although the cat-mink is much faster than Jack, the attacks that hit Jack hardly seem to bother him. However, as soon as morning breaks, Nekomamushi and his guards, as well as Bepo and the Heart pirate gang, retreat into the woods, whereupon they are replaced by Inuarashi and his musketeers.

Present: Wanda explains that Jack kept getting new troops across the sea, which is why the battle took so long. Still, the Minks seemed to be slowly but surely gaining the upper hand. Jack was the only one they never defeated. On the fifth day, however, he grew tired of fighting Inuarashi and Nekomamushi and released a poison gas weapon created by Caesar Clown. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Upon further reflection, however, it makes sense to Robin. Caesar worked for Doflamingo, who in turn supplied Kaidou with weapons, which he passed on to his men, thus including Jack. The cloud of poison gas that was released spread throughout the city and half the forest. Anyone who inhaled the gas collapsed and was paralyzed.

Flashback: Jack and his men wear protective suits and stab the paralyzed Minks when they continue to refuse to answer them about where Raizo would be hiding. The civilians, who have been brought to safety and are out of range of the poison gas, hear the screams and pleas of the tortured from a distance. At the edge of the forest, Jack’s men find Nekomamushi and his men suffering the same fate. Many have been crucified and tortured, including the two rulers of the land, who are interrogated again by Jack himself. When they both continue to refuse to give him another answer, he draws his sword.

Present: Wanda explains that after the sixth day, Jack left the country, leaving only a handful of his people behind to continue searching for Raizo. Wanda surmises that Jack’s thirst for destruction was probably quenched and he was bored with the same answer. However, Inuarashi, who hadn’t quite fallen asleep yet, denies this and pulls out a newspaper to explain the real reason for Jack’s departure. The newspaper says that Jack would have been killed trying to free Doflamingo. Inuarashi explains that the day Luffy defeated Doflamingo was the day Jack went to free Doflamingo from the Navy, making Luffy and the rest the saviors of the Minks. Shortly after, the dog mink falls back into a deep sleep. Wanda is now even more grateful to the Straw Hats, as they would not have survived without them. Chopper now continues the story, as they arrived on Zou the day after Jack left.

Flashback, Thousand Sunny: Sanji & Co. are startled when they catch sight of the massive elephant. Caesar has a strange feeling about entering the island, but this is ignored. Caesar is forced to transform into a hot air balloon to transport the others up. When they spot the destroyed gate, they already suspect an invasion, so Sanji wants to investigate the woods alone with Chopper and Caesar, while Nami, Brook, and Momonosuke are told to wait at the gate. But no sooner has Sanji’s group left than squirrel mink girl Tristan crosses Nami & Co’s path. Tristan runs away in fear of Sheepshead and Ginrummy, who chase her on a crocodile. Nami decides to help the girl and has Brook stop the pursuers. However, Nami, Brook, and Momonosuke seem too suspicious of Tristan, so she runs away from them as well. Nami decides to run after her to get some answers as to what happened here.

Claugh: Sanji, Chopper and Caesar see the destroyed city as well as the Minks lying on the ground in front of them. Caesar is pleased that his gas had such an effect, while Sanji and Chopper are shocked and try to protect themselves from the gas with cloths over their mouths. Sanji wants them to go back into the woods for now to be safe from the gas, when the downed Jaguar Mink Pedro asks them for help. He explains that the rulers of this land are on the brink of death if no one saves them now and the world would still need them. At this, the Inuarashi and Nekomamushi chained to crosses are seen. However, Jack has cut off a foot from the dog mink and a hand from the cat mink.

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