One Piece Episode 759


Flashback: Inuarashi has appeared and demands that the pointless fighting stop, since the samurai they’re looking for isn’t here. Sheepshead replies on Jack’s behalf that if the Minks don’t want their land destroyed, they should finally hand over the samurai. Shishilian replies that the samurai is not here. Jack, however, is tired of this conversation and decides that everything in the kingdom should simply be destroyed. As troops from both sides charge at each other, Inuarashi shouts for them to stop. He gets off his crocodile, walks up to Jack, and drops his sword. He declares that they will offer no resistance and that the pirates may search the entire country for the samurai if that is their wish. However, they are to stop fighting. Jack, however, refuses the offer and attacks the dog mink with his trunk. However, Inuarashi is able to block the attack with a fist. Both the pirates and some of the minks are amazed at Inuarashi’s strength. However, one of Jack’s henchmen shouts out that this means nothing, after all, Jack is a feared pirate with a bounty of a billion berries. Jack then tells Inuarashi that they won’t stop the fighting until they have the samurai. However, if the Minks don’t have him at all, it would be their own fault. This sentence makes Inuarashi realize that he is dealing with a madman. He raises his sword again and calls for a counterattack. He declares that they must defeat the leader of the opponents to put an end to the fighting. Thus, the battle between the Minks and Pirates begins anew. Inuarashi and Jack charged at each other several times, but each other’s attacks seemed to have little effect.

Present: The Straw Hat Pirates is impressed by Inuarashi’s strength, while Usopp worries how strong someone like Jack must be to have such a bounty placed on his head. Zoro wants to hear from Wanda about how the battle went on, to which she explains that it only got more intense from here.

Flashback: The battle is in full swing. Shishilian has just single-handedly defeated three of Jack’s pirates’ poisoners when he and the Minks notice that the elephant’s trunk has risen for an eruption of rain. While the Minks make it to safety in time, Jack’s pirates don’t yet know what’s going on, so many are washed away by the torrential rain. Others, however, are able to escape to the rooftops. Jack doesn’t mind though, due to his massive size as a mammoth, so he’s just kneeling deep in water. Some of Jack’s pirates try to get the Musketeers’ crocodiles, but are beaten back by them. It seems that the Minks would slowly gain the upper hand. But this only lasts until the water has drained away.

As the sun sets, you can clearly see the exhaustion in Inuarashi and his musketeers, while Jack shows no sign of it. As the tower clock strikes six in the evening, a tremendous scream is heard coming from the forest. Inuarashi then thinks that the idiot of the forest has awakened, so they should retreat. Some musketeers think that perhaps they should fight along with the nocturnals, but Inuarashi thinks that they need to recover first and are no help in their current state. No sooner have the Musketeers disappeared in a cloud of dust before Jack’s eyes than Nekomamushi and his guards appear from the forest and immediately attack the pirates. The massive cat mink has heard what’s going on, grabs Jack by the trunk, and throws him to the ground. Nekomamushi also declares that there is no samurai to be found here, as he would never allow such a person to stay on the island. Jack then transforms back into his human form, whereupon Nekomamushi realizes that Jack must have eaten from a rare ancient zoan fruit, the Elephant Fruit, Model: Mammoth. Jack wonders why this land still has many warriors, but also states that it makes no difference at the exit. He then draws two swords that previously looked like tusks in their scabbards and attacks the cat mink with them, who in turn deflects the attack with his spear. Nekomamushi doesn’t want to treat Jack as nicely as Inuarashi. Bepo and the Heart Pirates then come running out of the forest as well. Bepo, despite being a pirate now, wants to fight for his homeland while his comrades want to support him. With that, the battle moves on to the next round.


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