One Piece Episode 758


Zou, Ubala: Luffy had blabbed again and accidentally mentioned that they had also heard that the ninja Raizo was with the Minks. Immediately, the Straw Hat Captain is pinned to the ground by Brook, Usopp, and Nami, and his mouth is covered. Nami and Brook quickly develop an excuse that Wanda thinks she misheard. Wanda wants to continue the story of what happened during the fight with Jack later, as they are almost at Inuarashi’s hospital room. From this they suddenly hear a great commotion. The captain of the musketeers Shishilian attacks all his subordinates and throws them down from the tree house as punishment for mentioning cute things like love, babies, cute etc in his presence. Shishilian puts a lot of emphasis on masculinity, so he wants his soldiers to climb back up the tree without help. His men, in turn, think he’s cool and believe this kind of punishment is to show how much they mean to him, thus showing his love. Shortly after, Shishilian throws a pineapple room at the soldiers who said so, as they again mentioned the word “love” in his presence. Wanda joins in and introduces Shishilian to the Straw Hat Pirates, to whom the Lion Mink immediately falls to his knees to express his gratitude. Hearing that Luffy is the captain of their rescuers, he hugs the latter with excessive force until he opens Inuarashi’s room door for them.

Inuarashi’s hospital room: Chopper, Miyagi and Tristan have just finished taking care of him. Wanda immediately hugs the big dog mink Inuarashi, as she is overjoyed that her king is okay. Inuarashi is happy to meet the Straw Hat Pirates who saved his country. Luffy immediately explains that he didn’t do anything and thus the thanks should only go to Nami, Chopper, Sanji, and Brook. However, Inuarashi explains that all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates saved them. Since Luffy is impressed by Inuarashi’s size, he assumes that he must be quite strong. Wanda then indignantly declares that Inuarashi is the strongest of the country’s warriors, which the latter himself denies, since he wouldn’t have lost otherwise. Wanda, however, says that if the opponent hadn’t used the one thing, the Minks would have won, since they had the upper hand. Inuarashi doesn’t want to talk about it any longer, noticing Luffy’s straw hat and remembering how he once traveled the high seas with Nekomamushi and Shanks. Before he can tell Luffy more about this, however, he suddenly falls asleep. Wanda explains that this behavior is normal, as it is already six in the afternoon and all the daytime townspeople are asleep, whereupon all the nocturnal forest dwellers of Zou wake up and now Nekomamushi rules over the island. Once upon a time, the dog mink and cat mink were close friends, however, for some unknown reason, they started fighting with each other, to the point where they could no longer see each other and designed this concept of time. The doctors also fell asleep in the meantime and even Shishilian, who tried to fight it with all his energy, dozed off shortly after. Wanda explained that they always observe this time, no matter what. Even in a fight with Jack.

Flashback, Claugh 17 days ago: The civilians try to fight back against Jack’s henchmen, but they just attack everything. The Musketeer unit, which includes Wanda and Carrot, arrives and then confronts the pirates. Jack’s poisoning abilities surprise, however, such as when a pirate turns his arm into a wolf’s head that snaps at Wanda. However, Shishilian joins with his two companions, meaning the three strongest Musketeers have now appeared on the battlefield, able to hold their own against the Gifters. Shishilian orders the other musketeers to evacuate the civilian population into the woods for safety. Shishilian attempts a direct attack on Jack, but stands no chance against the massive mammoth. Shortly after, everyone hears something. It’s Inuarashi, riding in on a crocodile in full armor. Inuarashi slowly walks towards Jack and stands in his way.

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