One Piece Episode 755


Whale Forest: Luffy jumps on the crocodile Warney to get to safety with Carrot and Wanda, while Bepo and co. climb the trees.

Claugh: On the horizon, Robin & Co. realize that the trunk of the elephant they are on has risen and is ready to take a shower, spraying water from its trunk onto its back. With an elephant this size, the amount of water is enormous, so the Straw Hats do their best to get to safety.

Whale Forest: Warney is just emerging from the water, with Wanda and Carrot noticing that Luffy has been washed away by the crocodile due to the torrential rain. Carrot sees him floating away in the water and rushes to his rescue. She jumps from tree to tree and pulls the Straw Hat Captain out of the water in time before he is eaten by a shark. Carrot takes Luffy back to Warney and the three of them drift out of the forest, while Bepo shouts after them that he must not leave the forest. So he asks the Straw Hat to let Law know to meet him here.

Back legs: Kinemon, Kanjuro as well as the monkey mink Bariete try to climb back up the legs by means of a cat, rather badly drawn by Kanjuro. They’re just about halfway there when they’re also surprised by the water, which is now running straight down the elephant’s legs. Since Kanjuro’s cat is a product of ink, the water melts, whereupon it and the three fall down again.

Claugh: The Straw Hats and Law managed to get to safety on top of a building. Usopp scans the area with his glasses and sees Luffy riding Warney at the edge of town with Wanda and Carrot. Usopp wonders what’s going on when he suddenly sees Carrot biting Luffy. Immediately, Usopp believes again that the Minks are cannibals.

Meanwhile, Luffy asks Carrot to stop gnawing on his ears. As they drift through the flooded city, Wanda explains that this happens twice a day and the water will soon drain away. They pass the bloody crosses used for torture shortly after, whereupon Wanda recalls Jack’s cruelty with tears in her eyes.

Some time later, the water has completely run out and Luffy asks Wanda what happened to this Jack who attacked the land. Wanda explains that she read in the newspaper about his attempt to free Doflamingos, sinking two navy ships in the process. In the end, however, he was stopped and it is presumed that he died. His body, however, was not found. Wanda suspects he is still alive and declares that no one on Zou could ever forgive Jack. Shortly after, Robin & Co. appear right in front of Luffy, Wanda, and Carrot through Law’s devil powers. Usopp immediately asks if Luffy is okay and if the Minks really want to eat him. Wanda explains that this is a misunderstanding, which she’s about to clear up since they’ve already reached their destination. After some fog clears, Usopp & Co. see some guards standing behind them outside a gate, asking Wanda who the strangers are. When Wanda explains that they are the Straw Hats and should therefore be welcomed, the guards are startled and immediately want to let them know.

On the other side of the gate, Nami is sleeping in a room on the belly of a sheep mink when Chopper comes running into the room and declares that Luffy & Co. have finally arrived. When Nami wakes up and hears the news, she is visibly happy about it.

Ubala Forest: Meanwhile, the gate has been opened and the Straw Hats are led into a small village where several Minks cheerfully welcome them and call them their saviors. Minks seem to be celebrating the appearance of Luffy & Co, which surprises Usopp and Zoro. Zoro asks Wanda if they were misinformed that Minks don’t like humans, to which she explains that to them, humans are nothing more than hairless monkey Minks and they judge others based on their actions, not their race. Nami and Chopper then join them. Chopper immediately falls into Usopp’s arms, while Nami hugs her captain. Luffy is glad to see that his friends are okay and is already looking forward to seeing Brook, Sanji, and Momonosuke, at which point Nami’s mood changes. In tears, she apologizes to Luffy since something happened to Sanji.

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