One Piece Episode 754


Whale Forest: Luffy is still wandering aimlessly through the forest by himself. When he sees the giant tree in the shape of a whale, he decides to go there to get a better view of the island from above. Luffy doesn’t notice that someone is already watching him.

Entrance to the island: Carrot retreats from Zoro and asks the dog-woman Wanda if there really is an intruder in the whale forest. She confirms this and explains that it is therefore necessary to hurry before the guards discover him. Usopp, again upset, asks why Wanda is wearing Nami’s clothes. Robin already suspects cannibalism, which Usopp does not find funny.

Whale Forest: Meanwhile, Luffy is attacked by two large shadows that resemble a gorilla and a minotaur.

Entrance: Carrot then jumps several feet in the air over the trees from a standing position and sees some trees falling in the distance, showing that there is already fighting going on in the Whale Forest. After Carrot lands, she jumps onto Wanda’s warney and they both set off. Wanda doesn’t have time to explain the situation to the Straw Hats, however, she does give them directions on where they would find their friend’s body. She then rides off with Carrot. Usopp is beside himself when he hears that their friends are supposed to be dead, however Robin and Franky are less than convinced. Robin thinks that they should keep a cool head and gather information first, whether the Minks are friend or foe. Law agrees, explaining that yes, his crew should still be here, and he even has a vivre card from his navigator. Usopp remembers that he had a polar bear in his crew and asks him if it is also a Mink. Law confirms this, and additionally reveals that Bepo is even from Zou, but has few memories of his homeland, having left it quite young. Usopp has reservations about going to Bepo in case he has since decided to join the man-eating Minks. Law, however, has known Bepo for decades and trusts him.

Whale Forest: Luffy doggedly fights with a bull-man who, like Carrot did to Zoro earlier, uses electricity in battle. However, to the gorilla-man’s amazement, this has no effect on Luffy, who is made of rubber after all. Bepo, Jean Bart, Shachi and Penguin arrive and try to explain that they know the Rubber Man. However, this does not matter to the guardians of the forest. Jean Bart tries to interfere, but is knocked out with a throw from the gorilla-man Blackback. Meanwhile, the bull-man Rody charges at Luffy again. At that moment, Wanda and Carrot interfere. Wanda tosses Blackback a bunch of bananas, while Carrot tosses Rody a red cloth, at which point the two just focus on it. Wanda calls out to the rest of the guards that she’s going to get Luffy out of the forest, to which a voice that Wanda says belongs to someone named Pedro says they’re backing off on the case for now. It is only at this moment that Luffy realizes that he was surrounded by dozens of Minks who were hiding in the woods around him, but are now leaving the scene. Luffy wonders about the situation, whereupon Wanda introduces herself and Carrot, explaining that these were the Guardians of the Forest, who attack anyone who enters the forest without permission. Bepo, meanwhile, uses the time to greet Luffy. Through the newspapers, they have learned that they are now allies of the Straw Hats, so they immediately ask if their captain is also on the island. Luffy confirms this, which pleases Bepo and his comrades.

The City of Claugh: Zoro’s party has entered the city lying in ruins. All signs point to a battle. Robin looks around at some of the houses and notices that they were recently inhabited, as for example a soup in one house is cold but not yet spoiled. Zoro, on the other hand, finds places where several people appear to have been tortured. Franky notices lots of claw marks, while Law finds a giant elephant footprint. According to Robin, none of this should have happened more than a week or two ago, which means Sanji and the other Straw Hats must have picked up on some of it.

Whale Forest: Wanda explains that not even half a month ago, all the inhabitants of this kingdom were happy, but then someone appeared who ruined everything: Jack. Before she can elaborate, the earth suddenly shakes. Bepo explains that there’s about to be another massive sprinkle, which is why they should take refuge in the trees. Wanda jumps on her crocodile and tells Luffy to come to her so she can take him to his friends. Luffy is glad to hear that Sanji and the others are okay, but quickly Wanda’s expression turns sour.

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