One Piece Episode 751


The episode opens with a flashback of how Shanks once saved Luffy and lost his arm in the process. Later, he gives Luffy his straw hat on the condition that he will give it back to him when he becomes a great pirate.

Going Luffy, present day: Gambia arrives on deck with some members of the Barto Club and discovers Bartolomeo seemingly telling his other men a moving story, as everyone is moved to tears. Bartolomeo explains to Gambia that he gathered his courage and conducted interviews with the members of the Straw Hat Pirates. This allowed him to get some interesting stories about them. He has just told the story of Luffy and Shanks and would now tell more stories, which is why Gambia should join them.

Next, Bartolomeo tells how Luffy meets Zoro ten years later, who is about to be executed at a naval base. Luffy saves his life, after which Zoro becomes a member of his gang. Shortly after, he tells the story of Nami, a thief in the Arlong pirate gang who specializes in preying on pirates. Since her village is suffering from the Arlong pirates’ reign of terror, she tries to buy it from him using the stolen money. However, Arlong betrays her, whereupon Luffy defeats Arlong for her and Nami and her village gain their freedom, with Nami deciding to continue sailing with Luffy. Following this is the story of Usopp, who is known as the biggest liar in his village. However, when pirates try to attack it, it is shown that Usopp can be brave and is someone you can rely on. After this adventure is over, Kaya gives Luffy and his friends the Going Merry and Usopp joins the gang. The crew is in need of a ship’s cook, so they next head to the floating restaurant, where they meet the chef, Sanji. The latter pursues the dream of one day finding the All Blue and joins Luffy so they can both pursue their dreams. Bartolomeo, meanwhile, hopes to one day meet him in person. The next story is about meeting Chopper, who treats Nami when she is suffering from a serious illness. Chopper doesn’t have it easy because of his looks and doesn’t think he belongs anywhere. However, Luffy is adamant about making friends with the little reindeer, so he eventually joins the gang. He then explains, to the shock of the other pirates, that Robin and Franky were originally enemies of the Straw Hats. Nico Robin initially belongs to the hostile Baroque Works when he first meets the Straw Hats, but joins the Straw Hats after Crocodile’s defeat. Franky, on the other hand, is the boss of the outlaw Franky Family of Water 7. During the course of their stay in Water 7, both are kidnapped by the World Government. After Luffy defeats the World Government’s top agent, thus saving them, they officially join the Straw Hat Pirates. Shortly after, the gang encounters the living skeleton Brook in the mysterious Triangle, who is also invited into the gang by Luffy, allowing Brook to finally have friends again after decades of loneliness.

Tears flow for Bartolomeo and his crew, whereupon he finishes his straw hat report. He reminds his crew that they must bring the Straw Hats to Zou at all costs, which Luffy is already looking forward to.

Naval HQ: An officer reports to Admiral Kizaru that the A.O. pirate gang has been attacked and defeated by the Samurai of the Seas Edward Weevil, making him the 16th pirate captain to have once fought for Whitebeard. Borsalino looks through the case files and sees that Elmy, Bizarre, Whitey Bay and Palms are among those defeated. Meanwhile, the officer explains that Weevil’s attacks include civilians and cause tremendous collateral damage. This is something they could no longer overlook and should therefore intervene, especially since he always gets violent when someone doesn’t see him as Whitebeard’s biological son. Borsalino reminds Weevil’s strength of Whitebeard’s youth. However, he can’t confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt whether this one is really his son either. However, Weevil’s mighty strength would make him very useful as a samurai of the seas.

Going Luffy: A week has now passed since the departure of Dress Rosa. The pirates have now reached a foggy area where the waves are crashing out quite violently, which is inconvenient for the members of the Barto Club, as each of them gets seasick very quickly. Suddenly, one member of the gang notices what could either be a giant monster or a moving mountain. Law explains that they should set a direct course for it, as that is their destination. He explains that Zou is always enveloped in a wall of fog, causing ripples as the island moves. When the fog clears a bit, everyone sees that Zou is actually a giant elephant with the Kingdom of Zou on its back. According to Law, Zou is inhabited by the Minks, a people rumored to be unkind to humans and have retreated to the elephant’s back for 1,000 years. Luffy is amazed that the elephant itself is said to be over 1,000 years old.

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