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Silver Mine, Adits: Bartolomeo, Luffy and Desire are led by the miners to the tracks that can take them to the surface. Luffy and Bartolomeo immediately want to leave, but the miners intend to accompany them, as they can’t believe anyone could defeat Bill, and he surely will punish or kill them if he catches them trying to escape. Bartolomeo then wants to leave them there when Desire explains that she has decided to follow Luffy. Desire advises the miners to follow them, since they’d just be waiting to die here too, and they shouldn’t pass up such an opportunity if they still have any of their pirate pride left. After a brief moment of hesitation, one worker after another decides to come along.

When they had already made it part way and are walking on rails supported by scaffolding, they come under fire from Peseta and his men. However, instead of shooting at Luffy and company, they shoot at the scaffolding, causing the group to fall back down a few feet. However, Luffy is able to cushion everyone’s fall with his gum-gum balloon, while Bartolomeo protects everyone from the falling debris with his barriers. Peseta makes fun of the current situation of the refugees, but this only provokes the captain of the Barto Club into throwing his barrier at him. Shortly after, he uses his barriers to create a staircase up to the ceiling so they can escape. Everyone runs up the stairs as Peseta opens fire on them again, since Bartolomeo can’t create any more barriers now. Despite being fired upon, Luffy & Co. manage to reach the surface, but they are met at the entrance by more of Peseta’s troops, who attack them with flamethrowers. At that moment, one of the miners suddenly disappears and is replaced by Kinemon, who cuts the fire with a sword slash.

The Going Luffy has reached the island by now, and Law used his Devil powers to swap the Miner and Kinemon with each other. However, since he had to create quite a large room to reach them, he is a bit exhausted afterwards.

Back at Luffy & Co, Luffy has defeated the remaining enemies with a gum-gum elephant gun. Everyone is finally happy to breathe fresh air again when Peseta shows up once more. He presents Desire’s companions, whom he has taken hostage and tied to steel chains. He demands a surrender without a fight, but suddenly the chains are cut, and by Zoro. Zoro wants revenge on Peseta for gluing her to the ship last time. However, Peseta makes fun of Zoro and shoots Zoro again with his special ammunition. However, the latter is able to split the cannonballs in one shot without the bird glue hitting him. With a three sword attack, Zoro defeats Peseta and his remaining henchmen shortly after. Meanwhile, Desire’s fellow soldiers go to see their captain. Desire explains that they will flee the island and meet at the harbor, but she herself has business to attend to first, looking at the silver weapon Bill once crafted for her. The miners accompany the women, but thank the Straw Hat again for his help before they leave. Desire apologizes to Luffy for the trouble she caused him, and now wants to go look for Bill to settle a score with him. Zoro, Kinemon, Bartolomeo, and Luffy again want to get to Bartolomeo’s ship and set sail before they are attacked again. But suddenly, the group is attacked by a pile of molten silver, separating Luffy and Bartolomeo from Zoro and Kinemon once again. The attack comes from Bill. Luffy tells Zoro and Kinemon that they can already go ahead to help Usopp & Co, he would take care of the situation here.

Meanwhile, Usopp & Co. have their hands full protecting the ship from the jet ski attacks of Bill’s men. Whereas, without Desire’s guidance, this time many of Franky and Usopp’s attacks work and they are able to checkmate many opponents, however, more and more are coming.

Meanwhile, Bill is annoyed that Zoro got away from him, however he wouldn’t let Luffy get away so easily with a bounty of 500,000 million berries. Desire angrily explains that he would have to fight her first, as they have some unfinished business. Bill, however, explains that Desire has no value to him now, and if necessary, he would raze her and the entire island to the ground. Desire can hardly believe what she hears, as this would also put the rest of his gang in danger. But Bill doesn’t care about that at all, he’s only interested in the high bounty he could get for Luffy, since the others haven’t even come close to bringing him such a prize so far. Desire asks if what he told her back on the day he saved her was really a lie. Bill then makes fun of Desire, explaining that he was the one who used his ship to kill almost her entire crew back then, just to save her so he could have a loyal comrade-in-arms to lead the low ranking pirates for him. Desire’s tears come from anger and despair, to which Bill continues to laugh at her and call her pathetic, which only increases Luffy’s anger at Bill.

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