One Piece Episode 746


Yonta Maria: As the newly formed Straw Hat Grand Fleet celebrates, Robin inquires of Law what he plans to do next now that he has accomplished his goal of taking down Doflamingo. Law, however, walks away, telling Robin to leave him alone.

Dress Rosa, Alley: Spandam, now part of CP0, listens in as his superior receives a call from another member telling them that lists of Doflamingo’s weapons shipments and clients have disappeared. It turns out that Spandam’s superior is Rob Lucci, who suspects the revolutionaries. After the conversation ends, he wonders what the Straw Hat is up to next.

Meanwhile, the people of Dress Rosa are also celebrating their victory over the Donquixote family and the dwarves have now returned on their beetles. King Riku has now announced that he once again holds the office of king and immediately makes his first public announcement by officially introducing the dwarves, after which King Gancho and his daughter Mansherry present themselves. After the speech and celebration, the people of Dress Rosa get back to work building their land. In the process, Leo gives one of the carpenters a special blueprint.

Palace: King Riku has received an invitation to the world conference, the Levely, which will take place shortly.

A few days later, you can see that the dwarves and the humans on Dress Rosa are living together peacefully. They have also started building three special statues in the city. One of Kyros, one of Usopp scaring Sugar with his grimace and a Luffy statue in his Lucy disguise.

Far away at sea, a naval fleet is on its way to Impel Down. On board are Fujitora and Sengoku, among others. The Admiral tells the former Grand Admiral of a voyage he will take once they deliver Doflamingo. When Fujitora also tells him about not being allowed to enter a naval base again until he has captured Luffy and Law, Sengoku interjects that he should just apologize to Sakazuki and he will surely show leniency. But Fujitora refuses, saying that he has his pride too, after all.

Further down in the cargo hold: Behind a cell, lying on the floor and chained by all limbs, Doflamingo is talking to Vice Admiral Kranich. He calls Fujitora an idiot, since everything would have taken a different course had he helped him fight the Straw Hat. If he had, he would still be the one holding all the reins and thus keeping the monsters in this world in check. Crane thinks this is pathetic talk as he has to accept reality. The former samurai of the seas has to laugh in response that he is still being lectured by her. Crane asks Doflamingo what his opinion is on how the pirate world is likely to change now. Doflamingo counters this by asking what she thinks will happen now that he is no longer giving the monsters of this world “fodder” in the form of his stores and supplies. Soon enough, it would become apparent who really ruled the seas: the Four Emperors, the Seven Samurai, the Worst Generation, or the Navy, which would currently still be on top. However, Doflamingo explained that one should also pay attention to other strong people such as some members of the revolutionaries. Also, the family with the “D.” would soon show up, having moved in the shadows for centuries. Excitedly, Doflamingo wonders who will team up with whom and who will betray whom to achieve their goal. Doflamingo demands that the World Nobles be told that their time is soon up. Twenty-five years ago, Gold Roger would have explored the entire Grand Line and sat on his throne. Whitebeard would have later just stood in front of it and kept everyone in check. But now, with the number of pirates ever increasing and everyone after Gold Roger’s title, it would soon begin: the greatest battle of the pirate age. Last but not least, Doflamingo laughingly asks to get a newspaper every day at the Impel Down, as he would certainly not get bored that way.

A little further away from the naval ships, a single pirate ship sails with Kaidou’s Jolly Roger. A pirate looks at the convoy with a telescope and wonders how many large calibers are on board. The pirate advises his captain Jack not to attack the convoy, but Jack asks why, because after all, he is not just anyone.

A few days later at sea. The Straw Hat Grand Fleet has split up and the Straw Hats themselves are now sailing to Zou on Bartolomeo’s ship. The latter proudly presents his ship, the Going Luffy. The ship is one homage to the Straw Hat gang. Franky is moved by how much attention to detail they have put into their ship. Proudly, Bartolomeo presents a special place for Luffy’s Vivre Card. Shortly after, the entire crew of the Barto Club is left to cry as they still can’t believe so many of their heroes are on their ship. Luffy then recalls how he shared his Vivre Card with all the leaders of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Bellamy also ripped off a piece, mentioning that it didn’t mean he would join the fleet. Shortly after, all the leaders said their goodbyes to Luffy, who has grown to like them all.

Back in the present, Usopp worries if Nami and the others made it safely to Zou. Franky believes that this certainly went well. However, they were just chased by Big Mom’s ship. Meanwhile, Zoro reads the paper and finds that their bounties have been increased. Bartolomeo and his crew quickly lay out a red carpet and ask the Straw Hats to follow him to his cabin, where he has already posted the new wanted posters. He mentions in passing to Law that his bounty has now risen to 500 million berries, but Law isn’t particularly interested.

Bartolomeo presents the new wanted posters of the Straw Hats as well as the autographs he was able to get from them earlier. Luffy’s bounty is now 500 million berry, Zoro’s is 320 million, Robin’s is 130 million, and Franky’s is 94 million, which Franky himself thinks is a bit low. Also, they used a photo of his General Franky instead of him. Usopp’s bounty is now 200 million, which honors Usopp, however they took a picture where he was just beaten up by Trébol and Sugar, which he doesn’t like. Franky, on the other hand, is annoyed that Usopp’s bounty, of all things, is double his own. Sanji, meanwhile, has received a bounty of 177 million berry and now has a real photo instead of a drawing. Nami’s bounty is 66 million berry, Chopper’s bounty has been increased to 100 berry, and Brooks’ bounty has been increased to 83 million berry, though one uses a poster of his last show instead of a wanted poster. Bartolomeo explains that all the other allies of theirs who fought in the last battle on Dress Rosa got a 50 million increase, including himself. However, he wonders about Sanji’s roster, which doesn’t say “Dead or Alive”, only “Only Alive”. Usopp isn’t too worried about that, and guesses that Sanji would probably have flirted with the wife of an aristocrat or someone important.

Meanwhile, in an unknown place, a man in the shadows eats some dark seeds, whereupon his body begins to glow.

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