One Piece Episode 745


Yonta Maria: Bartolomeo has revealed to Luffy that he, Cavendish, Orlumbus, Ideo, Leo, Hajrudin, and Sai want to join the Straw Hat Pirates with their respective gangs. To do so, they want to perform the Sakeritual to be recognized as Luffy’s sons, similar to Whitebeard and his alliance.

On the high seas, an entire fleet of pirates, gangsters, and underworld merchants has formed to take revenge on Luffy and his allies for overthrowing Doflamingo and thus ruining their businesses. The fleet wants to raid Dress Rosa after the death of the Straw Hat to also get revenge on King Riku for now being King of Dress Rosa again instead of Doflamingo.

Yonta Maria: Bartolomeo has fetched a large sake bottle and is pouring some into a small saké bowl for each of the seven leaders, while a large bowl is filled in front of Luffy. Bartolomeo now wants to toast the new alliance between them, but Luffy hesitates. Then he decides not to drink the sake. Everyone but the Straw Hat Pirates is shocked at Luffy’s decision. Luffy explains that he doesn’t particularly like sake, but Bartolomeo points out that this isn’t about taste. Because of the incident on Dress Rosa, Luffy and his crew would now be constantly hunted by big names in the underworld and go from one tough fight to another. That’s why they want to help them. Once Luffy drinks the sake, he would become captain of this fleet of 5,600 men. But Luffy doesn’t look too pleased, as Orlumbus notes, whereupon he asks him what his problem is, since only advantages would form from a military point of view. Luffy is annoyed though, feeling this is too uptight and insisting on his freedom. Cavendish and Sai are annoyed by this and even want to force him to drink the sake if necessary. Luffy wants to be king of the pirates and not an important authority figure. However, this makes no sense to the seven leaders. Meanwhile, Zoro, Robin, Franky, and even Usopp in the end start tasting the sake that is in Luffy’s bowl. Luffy makes it clear to the leaders that he will never forget how they fought Doflamingo together and should they get into trouble, he would come to their aid immediately. He, in turn, would ask for their help if he got into trouble. Bartolomeo then understands what Luffy means and what it means to him to be King of the Pirates. For Luffy, it is not authority that is most important, but his freedom. Suddenly, cannon shots are heard.

Several ships have appeared and opened fire. Orlumbus hands over command to Columbus while he has something to sort out. The ships are the alliance of pirates and gangsters demanding the surrender of Luffy. Some cannonballs stray onto the connecting bridge near Dress Rosa, so the pirates ask the inhabitants to go back to the island. However, the civilians are afraid that if they do so, Fujitora will drop the flying debris. However, this has now moved over the gangsters’ ships and is now falling down over them. This was Admiral Fujitora’s parting gift to the Straw Hat.

Yonta Maria: Bartolomeo’s tears come as he respects Luffy even more now that he understands his intentions. Hajrudin has to laugh as he feels the same way and wants Bartolomeo to continue the speech and that Luffy wouldn’t have to drink his bowl for it. Ideo pleads that like Luffy, they just do what they want. Sai explains that they like their freedom too and want to implement it right away. Bartolomeo makes a short speech that the Seven pledge their allegiance to Luffy and will be his lance as well as his shield in the adventures yet to come. Shortly after, the Seven drink their bowl to make the pact. Luffy can’t believe it, as he had previously said they shouldn’t do this, but the entire crew of 5,600 celebrates as it is now official, which is why they are about to hold a banquet. Luffy briefly wonders why his bowl is suddenly empty, while Zoro, Usopp, and the samurai put on a rather pleased expression. Sai tries to calm Luffy down a bit by telling him that nothing has changed for him, as they themselves have decided to join him and they are chasing their own adventures until Luffy calls them. However, when Sai remarks that Luffy can at least memorize their faces and names, Baby 5 alerts him that Luffy is already in the middle of the banquet eating. Orlumbus then sets sail.

Dress Rosa: Fujitora knows he should never say such a thing out loud, but he briefly bows in the direction of the pirates, thanking Luffy for cleaning up the mess of the world government. However, the admiral is startled when Sengoku appears behind him and informs him that he heard everything. Meanwhile, Kyros and Rebecca watch the newly formed fleet from the shore and are glad they made it.

Yonta Maria: Luffy now wants to celebrate the victory over the Doflamingo family and opens the banquet. During the celebration, Luffy reminisces about all his adventures on Dress Rosa. The narrator mentions at the end that the seven leaders will one day come together again for a great incident to make a major mark on history.


  • In the manga, Zoro drank Luffy’s saki bowl alone. In the anime, Zoro drinks it together with Usopp, Kinemon and Kanjuro.
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