One Piece Episode 742


Dress Rosa’s Streets: The people of Dress Rosa are in pursuit of Luffy, who is carrying Rebecca on his back and jumping from rooftop to rooftop with her. Some civilians are stunned that their supposed hero is just a sleazy pirate who tricked them after all. When Luffy thinks he’s finally lost the people, however, he sees that he’s walked right into a naval ambush. The navy uses cannons loaded with fishing nets and fires at Luffy. Luffy is able to dodge most of the nets, but one gets caught on his hand and it turns out to be a sea stone net, so Rebecca has to remove it quickly. Using some of his familiar maneuvers, however, Luffy manages to literally catapult himself out of this situation and lands several miles away. Luffy wants to drop Rebecca off right away, which is why she has to run the rest alone. With half the kingdom after them, Luffy would draw attention while Rebecca runs to Flower Hill where her father is. Rebecca agrees with the plan and thanks Luffy for everything he has done for her.

Kyros’ house: Kyros has packed his things and now wants to go on his way. Meanwhile, Rebecca runs through the woods to reach her father in time. Soon Rebecca has reached the house and meets Kyros there. She demands to stop lying. Kyros thinks she means the letter in which he told her about his life story and about his criminal past. But Rebecca denies this, saying she doesn’t care. The lie she means and hurt her would be that she is the daughter of some prince. She is the daughter of Kyros, she says, and would have it no other way. With tears in their eyes they both fall into each other’s arms. Kyros asks if it would really be okay for her to have a father like him, to which she answers in the affirmative. As they promised each other, she wants to live with him.

Palace: Viola reports to her father that Rebecca will not be coming back. King Riku already thought so. Rebecca, he says, has asked Viola for the same favor her mother once did, to become princess of the land in her place. King Riku finds it amusing how much mother and daughter resemble each other.

East Port: The Straw Hats and their allies wonder what’s taking Luffy and Law so long. But suddenly their conversation is interrupted by Admiral Fujitora. Zoro already draws his swords, but asks Bartolomeo and the other fighters to leave this to them.

Naval Camp: Vice Admiral Bastille has already come up with tactics to arrest the Straw Hats and has sent reinforcements to the East Port, while the port is already to be surrounded by warships at sea. Suddenly, he hears via Den-den Mushi that the reinforcements have had all their weapons stolen and that the warships are suddenly sewn together and unable to move. Unobserved by the navy, the dwarves have stolen their weapons from them and Leo has sewn the ships together with his devil powers. Bastille is also told of marines suddenly collapsing. This is again the work of Mansherry, who has drawn so much blood from many soldiers for her healing medicine that they are weakened. But even Mansherry is unaware of this, having done so on Maujii’s advice, who in turn was ordered to do so by Kyros.

Outside the East Port: Behind some rubble, Law and Sengoku have a conversation with each other. Sengoku explains that there was once a marine who meant a lot to him, as he took him in after he lost his father. He trained the boy to be a marine and soon saw him as something of his own son himself. This was Rosinante and according to Sengoku, the latter had only lied to him once. This was when Rosinante told him that he had no intention of traveling to Swallow and getting involved in the trade of the Operation Fruit. In the end, Rosinante died in the events on Minion, which hit Sengoku hard. In the present, Sengoku explains that Rosinante must have had a reason to betray him. That day back then, he says, four things disappeared: the Barrels pirates, his subordinate, the Operation Fruit, and the boy Rosinante was looking after. Law then admits that he was that boy.

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