One Piece Episode 741


Kyros’ House: Usopp panics when he hears of the Marine advance. According to Kinemon, however, escape preparations have already been made and they were merely waiting for Luffy’s recovery to push through. All they lack is an escape ship to get off the island. Kyros, meanwhile, asks for Leo’s help via Den-den Mushi to start their plan.

Dress Rosa’s streets: Some civilians are worried that the navy is after the straw hats. Leo and the dwarves watch from some craters and rubble as the navy troops march through the street. Leo reports that the soldiers are also heading to the palace to arrest Luffy’s allies in the fight against Doflamingo.

Kyros’ House: Bartolomeo reassures Leo because they have also been keeping an eye on the navy and have taken countermeasures. He also asks the Straw Hats to leave for the eastern port, where he plans to lead them himself. Their remaining allies have already spread out around the city to stop the navy and have a ship ready in the eastern harbor. The friends are about to leave, at which point Luffy asks Bellamy if he can get back up as well, to which he replies in the affirmative. Bellamy, however, asks Law why he saved him. Law replies that it was at Luffy’s request, as he considers Bellamy his friend.

The group sets off for the harbor and runs out of the house, already coming under fire from marines. Bartolomeo is able to stop most of the bullets with his barrier and advises not to mess with the admiral, let alone split up. However, Luffy separates from the rest of the group, saying he has something to do.

Naval Camp: Since Fujitora has also set out to capture Luffy in the meantime, Vice Admiral Bastille has taken command. When he hears from some soldiers that the pirates are running towards the eastern harbor, he orders by Den-den Mushi to reinforce the troops there. However, a report comes back that all is quiet there. The report comes not from marines, however, but from Jeet and Abdullah, who have taken over the port along with Ideo. However, when Bastille inquires about names and naval code and Jeet can’t give either of them, Bastille sees through what’s going on. Shortly after, he receives word that the pirates were also able to pass through the road to the eastern harbor without issue, as the marines there were ambushed by Sai, Cavendish, and the rest of the Corrida Colosseum fighters. Bastille is upset, especially since he sent the soldiers who have now run to the palace there entirely for nothing. However, news then reaches him that the Straw Hat has now been seen at the palace for this.

Palace: Luffy fights and gets to the king’s plateau until he arrives at the palace and screams for Rebecca. She is still being dressed by her ladies-in-waiting for the King’s address when she suddenly hears Luffy’s shouts and goes to the window to answer him. Luffy pulls himself up there, whereupon Rebecca sees this as a chance to thank Luffy, but he won’t hear of it. He’s come to hear from Rebecca’s own mouth if she’s okay with how things are going now, and that she may never see Kyros again. Rebecca explains that by all appearances, the decision was his to let it all play out this way, even if she herself doesn’t understand why. After Luffy asks again, however, Rebecca tearfully denies it. He offers to take her with him, which Rebecca accepts. Before that, however, she wants to ask Viola for a favor. Shortly after, Luffy jumps out of the palace with Rebecca on his back. The soldiers and court ladies immediately report that Luffy has kidnapped the princess. When the news reaches King Riku, he is stunned.

Streets of Dress Rosa: News spreads like wildfire among the rest of the population of Dress Rosa as well. A sniper unit tries to fire on Luffy without hitting Rebecca, but when they pull the trigger, it turns out the guns aren’t loaded. Shortly after, the marines collapse. The civilians then give chase.

East Port: Many marines are already lying defeated on the ground when the Straw Hats arrive there under Bartolomeo’s leadership. Law, however, notices someone still standing: Sengoku. The latter is checking on the unconscious soldiers when he suddenly notices Law.

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