One Piece Episode 740


Dress Rosa: Three days have now passed since the victory over Doflamingo. Another navy ship docks on the coast, from which Vice Admiral Kranich and Inspector General Sengoku emerge. Kranich inquires of a marine if Luffy would still be on the island, which he confirms. In addition, the navy has occupied all the ports of Dress Rosa, making escape impossible. Crane and Sengoku are then taken to Fujitora’s camp. Sengoku explains good-humoredly that he heard about his quarrel with Sakazuki, whereupon the latter declares that he is quite happy not to be a Grand Admiral now. Kranich tries to shut him up, saying that after all, as an inspector, he would have virtually no responsibility anymore. Kranich asks Fujitora why he still hasn’t arrested Luffy. The admiral replies that he couldn’t decide if he was really allowed to just arrest “the hero who liberated the country” and is recovering from his wounds. Therefore, he left the decision to a dice, which he always used to roll Luffy’s freedom for the last few days. Sengoku finds this hilarious, whereupon Kranich admonishes him again. Fujitora thanks Kranich for taking Doflamingo and his crew away in his place and putting them in jail, however he would still currently be in charge of the island, so he decides what to do with the Straw Hat. At that moment, the conversation is interrupted by Princess Mansherry and the dwarves. Crane and all the other marines think the dwarf princess is awfully cute and listen to her request. The princess and the dwarves are not actually allowed to show their faces to anyone from Dress Rosa except the royal family. Nevertheless, they want to help the people and ask the Navy for their help.

Castle: Viola is looking for Rebecca to try on a dress with her, but she does not find her. Rebecca is outside the castle and learns something from King Riku that shocks her.

Outside the castle, Gatz announces that today King Riku has returned to the throne and will soon give his first speech, causing the crowd to cheer. The cheers do not go unnoticed by King Elizabello II and King Riku. The former asks if Riku can make his people happy. He ponders if perhaps he should only be king until Rebecca is ready to take the throne. However, since her mother was a stubborn one in this regard and renounced her right, Elizabello doubts that Rebecca would abide by it and do as her mother did instead.

At the castle, some servants help Rebecca put on her dress. One of the servants explains that she heard that Rebecca’s mother Scarlet secretly fell in love with the prince of a faraway kingdom and eloped with him, which is why King Riku lied about the death of his eldest daughter. However, a war would have broken out in the prince’s kingdom and the prince died. Rebecca knows this is a tall tale, which also weighs heavily on her.

Streets of Dress Rosa: Kinemon and Kanjuro are getting provisions in town and also hear about this rumor and wonder about it. While doing so, they also see marines going into a part of town to distribute magical flowers made from a combination of Princess Mansherry’s healing devil powers and a donation of blood from marines to heal people.

Marine Camp: Fujitora declares that it’s time to roll the dice again, and offers Crane to roll in his place this time. If anything other than an A came up, they would leave and capture the Straw Hats and Law.

Kyros’ House: The samurai distribute the food, after which Luffy wakes up to eat with his friends. Luffy’s behavior, however, vacillates between eating, sleeping, and being sad that Sabo is already gone, only to become angry shortly after because of the false story about Rebecca’s father that the samurai heard. Kyros explains that he spread that story. No one on Dress Rosa outside of the royal family and the Donquixote Pirates, who have been investigating, know that he is Rebecca’s father. Because he has a criminal past and comes from the slums, he is so fine with it. He doesn’t want to ruin Rebecca’s chance at a good life with his background and has also decided to leave the island after the Straw Hats. He has already written in a letter about his whole life as well as his decision and sent it to Rebecca. However, Luffy clearly doesn’t agree with this decision and sulks at dinner. Shortly after, Kyros receives a call from Leo that the Navy is now on the move. At that moment, Bartolomeo bursts in and reports Sengoku and Crane’s appearance on the island, as well as the advance of the rest of the navy.

Naval Camp: Crane has rolled a six, so Fujitora immediately orders the Straw Hats, Law, and all the Corrida Colosseum criminals hiding in the palace so far to be arrested. The soldiers then fan out.

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