One Piece Episode 738


Flashback two years ago: Sabo is on a Revolutionary ship, sitting in the crow’s nest and looking at the sea on the horizon. The sight seems to bring back old memories when he suddenly sees two children’s shadows in front of him, not knowing that they are the shadows of Luffy and Ace. Before he can think about it in more detail, Koala approaches him. The latter explains that they will be back on Baltigo soon. She’s already looking forward to seeing everyone again, since they’ve only been busy with missions outside for a month.

Baltigo: Arriving at headquarters, Sabo and Koala notice how hectic it is. When they ask what’s going on, someone tells them that the war on Marine Ford between the Whitebeard Alliance and the Navy is over and everyone should meet in the conference room. In the conference room, newspapers are brought in for everyone to read. Some revolutionaries still can’t believe that Whitebeard, one of the Four Emperors, is supposed to have died. Sabo, however, doesn’t react until he hears that Firefist has died as well. Slowly, almost as if in a trance, Sabo then moves towards a newspaper as well. Meanwhile, some other revolutionaries ask if it is true that Straw Hat Luffy is Dragon’s son, which he casually confirms. Meanwhile, Sabo has grabbed a newspaper and opened it, where Firefist Ace’s death is reported. More and more memories come back to Sabo, who suddenly starts shedding tears and hyperventilating. When he finally remembers his two brothers, Sabo cries out in grief before losing consciousness.

Sabo later wakes up in his bed. Koala and Hack stand with him, with Koala crying because she was worried that Sabo wouldn’t wake up at all and die. Hack explains that Sabo has had a high fever and Koala adds that he has slept for three days straight. A little later, Sabo explains that he has his memories back and now remembers who he is, where he came from, and why he left. Koala is happy for Sabo at first, but then anxiously asks if he wants to leave now. Sabo explains shortly after that he will not, which reassures Koala and Hack. In a serious voice, Sabo then asks if Dragon is there, as he has some questions for him.

Present: Franky and the Samurai are deeply touched by Sabo’s story. Sabo wants to tell some more, but Zoro interrupts as Kinemon has drunk the last sip from Sabo’s bottle before him and eaten all the jerky. Kinemon explains that when he hears a story like that, he just has to have a drink. Robin settles the argument that they didn’t need alcohol this late, but will have problems when Luffy wakes up and there’s nothing to eat, to which Kanjuro offers to get some later. Sabo thinks Luffy’s friends are funny, which Robin confirms. Franky then asks Sabo to continue the story.

A few weeks ago: Sabo has visited Ace and Whitebeard’s grave and apologizes to Ace for taking so long. He places a newspaper about the return of the Straw Hat Pirates by the gravestone and explains that Luffy has gone adventuring again. Meanwhile, he places three saki bowls in front of the grave and pours something. As he is about to leave, he calls his comrades via Den-den Mushi and explains that he is looking for a certain devil fruit.

During the Corrida Colosseum Tournament, Dress Rosa: Bartolomeo asks Luffy what he would do about the Fire Fruit, as Luffy is forced to leave the Coliseum to save Law. Bartolomeo promises to win the fruit in Luffy’s place and give it to him, as that was his plan all along. At that moment, Sabo enters and declares that he would not give the Fire Fruit to anyone. Bartolomeo angrily declares that no one has the right to speak to Luffy like that, since he is Ace’s brother and the future king of the pirates. Sabo pushes Bartolomeo aside and declares that he knows this. Luffy tries to hide behind his disguise, but Sabo thinks he’s a bad big brother if he doesn’t recognize his little brother, who is just wearing a fake beard. When Luffy slowly realizes who Sabo is, he gets so scared that he jumps backwards into the nearest pillar. Luffy’s tears are already coming, but he can’t believe it until Sabo explains that Ace stole a bottle from Dadan that time to toast their brotherhood. Since only the three of them know about it, Luffy is convinced. More and more tears of joy come to his eyes and he hugs his dead brother, who he immediately asks where he has been all this time. Sabo, however, is just happy that Luffy is okay and that at least he survived. He asks if it’s okay for him to go get the Fire Fruit, to which Luffy replies in the affirmative.

Present: Franky’s tears come from the story and Sabo now wants to say goodbye. He hands Zoro a large piece of paper and explains that he made a Vivre Card from Luffy, immediately tearing off a piece of it. He asks Luffy’s friends to continue to take such good care of him, even though his little brother can be very demanding, and leaves. Zoro smiles, since Ace said the exact same thing to them back then. Outside, Sabo gets a call from Hack and Sabo informs him that he is on his way to them now. When Hack asks how Luffy is, Sabo hangs up, which upsets Hack quite a bit. Meanwhile, Sabo is surrounded by several crows.

Coast: Fujitora just rolled some dice and asks which side is up. Since it’s one, they’re not going to arrest Luffy. Maynard protests making such a thing dependent on a gamble, since they have orders from the Grand Admiral himself to arrest Luffy and Law. Fujitora counters that it’s pathetic to complain about the outcome instead of accepting it after the dice have been rolled.

Palace: King Riku informs Rebecca that the Straw Hats are with Kyros, which reassures her. He also tells her that he will take the throne as king again, which makes Rebecca a princess.

Meanwhile, Sabo rides two crows and asks if they’ll be there soon, as he wants to tell Dragon some things about Luffy.

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