One Piece Episode 737


Dress Rosa, Carta, Kyros’ House on Flower Hill: It’s nighttime and Luffy is still sleeping, recovering from the battle. The Straw Hats, the Samurai, and Law and Bellamy are also there, who is also still recovering from his injuries and sleeping alongside Luffy. Kyros hands out blankets to everyone and apologizes for the humble circumstances, but Law explains that this will do. Since it’s been a long day for everyone, Kyros and Law also fall asleep rather quickly, which startles Usopp, but he falls asleep very quickly as well. Zoro checks to see if Kyros has anything to drink with him when someone opens the door. Zoro is already drawing his sword when Robin happily greets Sabo and explains that he is Luffy’s brother. Sabo in turn tosses Zoro a bottle so he can have something to drink. Zoro and Franky then learn from Robin that she has been with the Revolutionaries for the past two years and therefore knows Sabo. Robin wants to wake Luffy up, but Sabo explains that there’s no need, as he just came by to take one last look at his brother’s face before leaving the island. He adds that since the CP0 would be looking for him soon, he needs to leave the island as soon as possible. Sabo advises the Straw Hats to leave here in two days at the latest as well. Franky wonders why Sabo is also supposed to be a brother of Luffy, since he didn’t mention anyone except Ace. Sabo explains that this is not surprising and Luffy was probably the most surprised to see him since Ace, Luffy and many others thought he was dead.

Flashback: Sabo explains that as a child, he spent his days together with Ace and Luffy. They fooled around a lot, fought wild beasts and Garp, and in the end decided to become brothers by exchanging sakeschalen. However, one day he’s been taken back to his parents’ house, where he learned of the plan to burn down Gray Terminal. The next day Sabo tried to leave the city with a ship, because he never felt free there. However, his ship crossed the ship of a world aristocrat, was considered an insult, and was therefore sunk. That evening, Sabo clings to the last remnants of his ship as he drifts at sea. As the last of his strength leaves him and he threatens to sink, Dragon emerges and pulls him out of the water.

Ship of the Revolutionaries: Ivankov wonders where Dragon is when he finally reappears on the ship, but with the injured and unconscious Sabo in his arms. Immediately, the ship’s doctor is called. Some time later, Sabo awakens in a hospital bed on the ship. The doctor asks if his name is Sabo, as he found a handkerchief with that name. However, Sabo does not remember anything. Due to the incident, Sabo has lost his memory. When some think that Sabo should be taken back to his parents, Sabo abruptly replied that he does not want that. He doesn’t know the reason anymore, but he wouldn’t want to go back for anything in the world. Ivankov, however, says that they can’t keep a child with them on the ship because they have a lot to do, to which Sabo asks that they let him out somewhere else. Dragon is supposed to make the decision.

Present, Dress Rosa’s Palace: Tank Lepanto has taken Sai and Luffy’s other allies to the palace, where they can hide from the Navy and rest. However, when Bartolomeo sees Cavendish sleeping in the same room with them, he immediately demands a heavy iron chain, which he uses to wrap up the pirate prince, despite his protests, to be safe from his second personality at night.

Kyros’ House: Sabo explains that this is how he became part of the revolutionaries. The only thing he knew about himself at that time was that he didn’t want to go back home.

Flashback, Baltigo: Hack is training some young students and explains that they have to be strong if they want to stay with them. Sabo watches for a while, but says that this training is not for him and will only weaken him. When Hack asks what he’s trying to say, Sabo shows him how fast he is by dodging him and almost punching him in the stomach before running off again. Ivankov inquires how Sabo is doing, to which Hack explains that while Sabo doesn’t remember anything about his past, his body hasn’t forgotten how to move in combat. Therefore, Hack also wonders what the boy must have done in the past to develop such potential. In the Revolutionaries, Sabo goes to school with some kids who lost their parents and learns all about seafaring from Inazuma, among others. Sabo otherwise trains harder than everyone else and seems to have quickly become better than Hack. Against Bartholomew Kuma, however, Sabo has no chance.

Ten years before the main storyline: Sabo is just twelve and Koala has now joined the revolutionaries as well. Later, there is another training fight with Bartholomew Kuma, who throws Sabo against some crates with weapons. Sabo finds an old drainpipe in the process, which somehow looks familiar. Armed with it, he does better and immediately attacks Dragon, who, however, knocks him unconscious with one blow.

Set five years before the main storyline, Ace has turned seventeen and gone out to sea. Meanwhile, in a war zone in a distant kingdom, Hack and Koala take cover in a trench where other revolutionaries are trying to reach their comrades behind enemy gates to get them to open the gates, but no one answers the Den-den Mushi. Sabo, now also seventeen, then briefly answers the Den-den Mushi and declares he knows a way. Alone, he charges through the enemy lines, dodging a hail of bullets and smashing the gate open with his armor haki. While Sabo fights everyone, Koala frees the civilians and captured revolutionaries. Sabo manages to defeat all the enemy soldiers single-handedly.

Later on Baltigo, Sabo’s colleagues congratulate him on his victory and say that if he keeps it up, he’ll soon be the next leader of the revolutionaries. They ask if he’s heard from the new pirate rookie, who is his age and has declined the title of Samurai of the Seas. When they say Portgas D, Sabo adds Ace from his subconscious, not having noticed it himself.

Present: Franky and Zoro have understood the story so far, but ask what brought Sabo’s memories back two years ago. Sabo explains that he has Ace to thank for that, at least he thinks so, even though the timing couldn’t have been worse, whereupon Sabo clenches his hands.


  • Already in the SBS for volume 80, Eiichiro Oda announced that Sabo’s story would be explored in more detail in the anime, since he couldn’t fit it into his manga. The mangaka therefore worked together with the anime team on the script for this episode.
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