One Piece Episode 736


In the ruins of Dress Rosa: Admiral Fujitora and his unit have gone down on their knees before King Riku to apologize on behalf of the world government. King Riku himself is shocked and asks the admiral to raise his head again, since after all, the world is watching. Shortly after, the king understands that this is Fujitora’s intention, and that is why he did not fight Doflamingo himself. In Fujitora’s view, the world deserved the truth and they were just not the ones who stopped Doflamingo, but actually helped him with his samurai title. To take credit now after the battle would be more than shameful for him who wears the word justice on his back. This battle was won by pirates, warriors and civilians and not the navy.

Meanwhile, Robin, Bartolomeo and Usopp encounter Zoro, the Samurai and Franky. Not far from them are Viola and Rebecca, who are currently tending to the exhausted Luffy and Law. Viola thinks they should take them to their friends. At another point, Kyros is speaking to the dwarves. With tears in their eyes, the soldiers say goodbye to their commander, who salutes them, tells them how proud he is of them, and explains that their group is now officially disbanded. Seeing the tears coming from many of the dwarves, Kyros explains that while they are no longer an army, there are still many tasks to be done until Dress Rosa is rebuilt. Therefore, Kyros asks the dwarves to help Dress Rosa rebuild, to which they cheer happily.

Meanwhile, King Riku asks Tank to find the Straw Hats and the pirates who fought for them and hid them in the palace. The navy will have to do their duty and capture them once they find them.

Redline, Mary Geoise: Grand Admiral Sakazuki meets the Five Elders in the conference room and angrily asks them why they allowed a hoax for someone like Doflamingo. Such a thing should not happen again, otherwise it would reflect badly on the Navy and on him as Grand Admiral. The Five Elders again admonish Sakazuki who should not forget who he is talking to and that his pride would have no meaning in such a matter. Further, the case would be in the hands of the Cipher Pol. Sakazuki says that if so, they have probably been passed over by the World Nobles themselves. The Wise Ones then steer the conversation to Kuzan and his recent association with Blackbeard, which is a much greater disgrace to the Navy. However, Sakazuki counters that Kuzan no longer belongs to Marine and his doings are none of his business. At that moment, a Marine bursts into the conversation and excitedly reports to the Grand Admiral that the Donquixote pirate gang has been defeated by Luffy and Law’s alliance. Also, Dress Rosa has been almost entirely destroyed during the battle. Sakazuki is already seething with anger when the marine has to tell him something further regarding Fujitora.

The newspaper gulls have already spread the news all over the world and many readers are shocked. On an island, soldiers have to inform the king that Joker is no longer in business, as his identity has been revealed and he has been defeated, so they will get no more weapons for their war. Bitterly, the king then declares that they must surrender, whereupon the people cheer joyfully as the war is finally over. On other islands, black marketeers complain that their businesses have also fallen through. Even the Smile fruit trade can now no longer continue, for which many blame Luffy and Law. Vice Admiral Crane, who has been after Doflamingo for many years, is now also on her way to Dress Rosa to finally take him away, accompanied by Inspector Sengoku.

In another town, Jewelry Bonney steals a pizza as an old woman. She then transforms into a child to escape the shopkeeper and reads the newspaper. With a smile on her face, she thinks she is proud to be of the same generation as Luffy and Law. Meanwhile, on a deserted sky island, Urouge is recovering from some injuries when some of his crew members warn him that someone is coming. The latter can hardly believe that someone has made it to a deserted sky island until he sees a massive shadow approaching. Capone Gang Bege has also read the paper and thinks Law and Luffy have a lot of nerve giving them such a hard time. He then orders his men to capture Caesar at all costs. They then swing to the newly formed alliance of Eustass Kid, Basil Hawkins, and Scratchmen Apoo. The Kid can’t believe that Law and Luffy are already one step ahead of them by defeating one of Kaidou’s key allies. Hawkins then says that this only confirms that they are also after the Four Emperors. Apoo adds that their first target seems to be Kaidou. Killer is therefore glad that they are staying out of each other’s way for now, as their target is Shanks after all. Lastly, X. Drake is reading the paper, who seems to be on a winter island at the moment. He tells his comrades in passing that his father was once killed by Doflamingo. However, he holds no grudge against Doflamingo. His comrades, however, feel that they must report to Kaidou that Doflamingo has been defeated.

Dress Rosa: Via a Den-den Mushi, Sakazuki yells at Fujitora about what the latter’s action was supposed to do with the public apology. Fujitora should have reported to headquarters first before going public. However, Fujitora is sure that the details about the incident would have been changed in favor of the World Government.

Flashback: Fujitora recalls a conversation with Smoker, who explains that he too is in favor of the Seven Samurai system being abolished. Smoker explains that he was there when Crocodile almost managed to take Arabasta, much like Doflamingo managed to become King of Dress Rosa. Still, the Navy could do nothing and the kingdom ended up being saved by the Straw Hats. But instead, the truth was covered up and Arabasta’s liberation was chalked up to a naval victory, something Smoker is still angry about today and wishes he’d had a higher rank at the time to prevent.

Present, G5 unit ship: Smoker is reading the paper and can’t believe Fujitora actually had the guts to do it. Tashigi is glad he did, because she feels that Fujitora indirectly thus apologized to the Straw Hats for covering up Arabasta for her as well. Smoker has to admit that even if he had the same rank as Fujitora, he probably wouldn’t have had the guts to go through with this. Still, he too feels a great sense of relief because of it. The giant children then join them, asking Tashigi if she’ll make them something to eat and how much longer it will be before they arrive at Vegapunk. Tashigi explains that it will take a few more days, but that she can offer them some muffins.

Dress Rosa: Sakazuki yells at Fujitora that cover-ups happen all the time. However, Fujitora doesn’t want to be made a hero by lying. After all, he says, the world government used pirates to maintain balance in the world and this is now the result. Sakazuki, on the other hand, sees a loss of credibility for the Navy due to Fujitora’s action, to which Fujitora angrily yells back that if they lose credibility by admitting a mistake, they never really had it in the first place. The Grand Admiral decides that Fujitora must repair the damage he has done himself, so he should arrest the Straw Hats and Law. Until this is done, he is no longer allowed to enter any naval base. Fujitora agrees and agrees.

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