One Piece Episode 735


Dress Rosa residents are celebrating that their long nightmare has finally come to an end.

Sabo sees that the birdcage is gone and wants to get away from the defeated Jesus Burgess, who is lying on the ground. Burgess wonders why Sabo doesn’t give him the coup de grace. Sabo has no reason to do so anymore, since the battle is over. Burgess starts laughing and asks if he’s interested in knowing what Ace said before they turned him over to the Navy. The Den-den Mushi in Sabo’s coat rings, but Sabo doesn’t pick up. The revolutionaries have already gathered at the underground port and are trying to contact Sabo as the navy is about to show up. However, some know that he only answers the Den-den Mushi when he feels like it.

Burgess says that Ace did not want his brothers to know of his capture. The pirate provokes Sabo for not being present at the summit battle to save Ace. Sabo grabs Burgess’ skull and explains that ever since he learned of Ace’s death, he has been thinking every night about how he was doing in his final moments. Burgess pulls out a dagger behind his back, hoping to hijack Sabo’s devil power. Sabo recognizes his scheming, however, and defeats him first with a fist of fire. He makes it clear that he never wants to regret anything ever again. Now when he goes to the Den-den Mushi, Koala tells him about Burgess’ attack on Luffy. Sabo reassures her that he has already taken care of it. Koala also confirms to him that she found the list. The revolutionaries are now just waiting for Sabo, who ends up just hanging up without a word, which upsets Koala quite a bit.

Meanwhile, the navy arrests one by one the commanders of the Donquixote pirate gang, as well as Doflamingo himself. All of them are put in sea stone handcuffs to make sure they can’t use any more devil powers. Sai and Baby 5 observe this, with Sai assuring her that she has nothing to fear and can stay with him. Meanwhile, some soldiers wonder if they shouldn’t report to headquarters. Another soldier informs them that Admiral Fujitora has forbidden it for now.

Vice Admiral Maynard is reported as saying that all preparations have now been made. Another Den-den Mushi is to be taken to Admiral Fujitora. The latter is currently walking through the city with some soldiers.

Signals from Dress Rosa are received on the neighboring islands of Dress Rosa, including Applenine. The screens are connected to video snails and show images from Dress Rosa. Vice Admiral Maynard can be seen reporting directly from the wreckage of Dress Rosa, showing the neighboring islands the extent of the destruction caused by the events of the last few hours. Maynard wants to explain to the people on the other side of the screens what Doflamingo has done.

Meanwhile, a large crowd tries to convince King Riku to resume his position as the rightful king of Dress Rosa. However, King Riku refuses. Still, the crowd is not so easily dissuaded and some people declare that they would rather go back to living in poor but happy conditions like they used to. King Riku always stood for peace and they want that back. King Riku is at a loss as to what to say to this. King Elizabello II then shows up and has already informed the other kings that Riku is king again. The Den-den Mushis in the palace are already ringing incessantly. Elizabello also advises Riku to resume his office. Fujitora, who has appeared, also wishes to do so. He lines up with his unit in front of King Riku, which is also broadcast to the neighboring islands. Fujitora does not want King Riku to take responsibility for Doflamingo’s misdeeds on Dress Rosa. Doflamingo, who was a wanted pirate, became the king of that island and was placed under the protection of the Seven Samurai System by the World Government. Because of this, he was able to carry out all of his previous deeds. Fujitora and his entire unit fall to their knees. They all bow to King Riku and on behalf of the World Government, Fujitora apologizes to King Riku and his people. Everyone is shocked at the sight.

Neighbor Islands: Even the residents of the neighboring islands can’t believe their eyes that a Navy Admiral gets down on his knees and apologizes to an entire nation. Immediately, photos are taken and reports are written for the newspaper. Three stories at once were to shake the world: the truth about the false glory and prosperity of Dress Rosa, the victory of the Straw Hat Alliance against the former king and underworld broker Doflamingo and that the navy takes responsibility for it and apologizes publicly.

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