One Piece Episode 734


Doflamingo falls into the underground harbor. Rebecca watches with tears of joy as Luffy defeats Doflamingo. As she does so, she recalls her first encounter with the Straw Hat Pirate, as well as the moment she told him of her plan to use the power of the Fire Fruit to kill Doflamingo. Viola also looks up at Luffy and looks back with tears at how she was forced to join Doflamingo and how she convinced her father to trust the Straw Hat Pirates.

Luffy literally runs out of breath as he loses his Gear 4 state. Before Luffy hits the ground, Law intervenes. He is able to prevent a bad impact by using his devil powers to pull him to safety in time.

The residents of Dress Rosa are unsettled. Due to the debris on impact, they couldn’t tell what happened. Although Gatz is struggling with the wound Doflamingo inflicted on him earlier, he does not want to shirk his duty as a commentator and declare the winner. As he does so, he asks the people of Dress Rosa to look up at the birdcage. This is because as he speaks, it slowly dissolves from top to bottom. Gatz explains that this will not only dissolve the birdcage, but also Doflamingo’s reign. Those who have been trapped as toy slaves for years now feel truly liberated.

Everyone pushing against the birdcage falls over one by one as the strings suddenly disappear. However, everyone is happy as Luffy has finally made it.

Gatz looks at the traces of destruction that have occurred throughout the land. He explains that what they see now is either a land after a great destruction or a land that is now finally free of all tampering. He then declares the battle between the 2000 members of the Donquixote Pirates against the fated warriors who had traveled to the land to be over, with the final duel between the two leaders Doflamingo and Luffy. The winner is Lucy aka Luffy!

King Riku must remember the beginnings of his country’s tragedy. He now also has tears of joy that Doflamingo’s reign and manipulations have finally come to an end. All over the island, Luffy’s comrades rejoice in his victory. Sai and Orlumbus even fall into each other’s arms and are greatly impressed by the Straw Hat Captain. The dwarves, in turn, embrace Franky with happiness, who in turn remembers how Kyros once enlightened him about the dark secrets of the land and introduced him to the dwarves.

While the rest of the population celebrates, Kyros secretly retreats and stands apart from everyone behind some rubble. He also reflects on the last few years; how he became a toy, raised the dwarven army, how he started a family that was then taken away from him a few years later, and last but not least, how he was able to face his daughter as a real human again. Now all the horror has finally come to an end and Kyros can no longer hold back his tears.

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