One Piece Episode 733


Luffy stands in front of Doflamingo again, which pleases him. He notices that Doflamingo has also managed to regenerate his Haki. Still, he notices Luffy’s severe exhaustion. Luffy replies that Doflamingo feels almost the same. Doflamingo then shoots some threads at Luffy, knocking the Straw Hat captain to the ground. As more threads try to attack Rebecca, she disappears thanks to Law’s devil powers, which he used to switch the positions of Rebecca and some rubble. Rebecca, Viola, and Law are all in one spot now. Doflamingo wants to take care of them later, as he wants to eliminate their hope in the form of Luffy first.

Doflamingo then turns the entire floor into threads that tie Luffy up. The remaining mass of threads is formed into spears that stab Luffy again and again, who in turn tries to protect himself with his armor haki. However, some of the threads, also reinforced with haki, manage to break through his defenses and end up slamming him into a rock wall of the new plateau. Gatz and the people of Dress Rosa worry if Luffy can really still win because of the brutality of the fight. Luffy’s body is subsequently controlled by Doflamingo’s strings. He forces Luffy to come back to him and makes fun of him by telling him that he has made him into a puppet that he can manipulate at will. Luffy recalls a conversation with Rayleigh.

Flashback, during Luffy’s training: Luffy tells Rayleigh that he lost to a much bigger gorilla, even though he used his Kong Gun. After hearing this, Rayleigh suggests Luffy think of something better than the Kong Gun if the opponent is too strong.

Meanwhile, the threads of the birdcage have already reached the old king’s plateau and begin to cut it open as well. Leo doesn’t know if they can really do it, but Robin tells him to believe in Luffy.

Luffy uses all his powers to activate Gear 4 despite Doflamingo’s control. Doflamingo grants him the transformation, as he plans to unleash him on his friends in this state. However, Luffy is able to break Doflamingo’s strings, freeing himself completely from his control. He jumps far into the air shortly after and holds himself up there. Doflamingo sees that Luffy wants to finish the fight in the air and jumps after him. Scoffing, he asks where the one punch is that is supposed to defeat him.

Luffy yells at Doflamingo that he is tired of watching Doflamingo manipulate and take advantage of everyone around him. Doflamingo, however, sees everyone who wasn’t born a world aristocrat as trash whose only purpose in life is to be manipulated by divine individuals like him. As Luffy prepares his strike, Doflamingo creates a spider web to defend himself. Luffy then pumps even more air into his arm, causing it to grow larger and larger. Doflamingo goes for the final blow, attacking Luffy with his spear threads. Luffy counters this with his gum-gum King Kong Gun. A big commotion ensues as both attacks clash. Doflamingo keeps adding more threads as Luffy uses his legs to get extra propulsion for his punch. In the end, Luffy manages to break through the strings and catch Doflamingo, causing him to hit the ground with tremendous force that even shatters the floor. Doflamingo falls into a deep hole, while Law remembers how Corazón once told him that the people belonging to the D family were the natural enemy of God.

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