One Piece Episode 732


Dress Rosa: Zoro & Co. keep trying to make the birdcage stop again. No one on Bartolomeo’s side gives in either, as everyone still has a goal to achieve and therefore couldn’t afford to die here.

Doflamingo has still immobilized Viola and forces Rebecca to walk towards her with his powers, sword drawn, to kill her. But suddenly she and everyone else hear someone calling over the loudspeakers.

It’s Gatz, who has climbed onto a ledge near the plateau and is speaking to everyone on the island via Den-den Mushi and loudspeaker. He explains that their hero will return soon. As he does so, he talks about the new star of the Corrida Colosseum, who had won the hearts of the crowd with his witty interludes. Cavendish thinks it’s about him when he notices Law isn’t even with him anymore. Meanwhile, Gatz announces the Coliseum’s new hero: Lucy. He explains that behind Lucy’s identity is none other than Monkey D. Luffy, who King Riku also currently trusts. Gatz can understand that the rest of the villagers are having second thoughts about trusting a pirate again after Doflamingo fooled them for so long. Still, they should trust the king’s judgment this time. Some civilians remember that they only got into this situation because they didn’t trust King Riku back then, so they want to trust him this time and believe in Luffy aka Lucy as well. Gatz goes on to explain that while Luffy isn’t ready at the moment, he promised him he could defeat Doflamingo with just one punch. The crowd goes wild with joy upon hearing this.

Gatz summons all his courage and speaks directly to Doflamingo over the loudspeaker. He will soon receive his just punishment after all his crimes. Gatz deliberately provokes Doflamingo in this way because he sees what he is about to do with Viola and Rebecca and wants to distract him.

Suddenly Hajrudin collapses, followed shortly by Dagama and then Ideo. Leo realizes that the time limit on Mansherry’s devil powers has passed, and everyone who was first temporarily healed by her reverts back to their old state. They cannot now be cured a second time by Mansherry.

Mansherry blames herself for not being able to be of more help, though Kabu assures her that without her, quite a few would probably have died already, so there’s no need for reproach.

Gatz announces the last 10 seconds until Luffy recovers. Along with the crowd, Gatz counts down the countdown, meanwhile Luffy is really slowly getting back up. When Gatz gets to 2, Doflamingo pierces him with his strings, having become too much of a nuisance. However, after the crowd counts down to 0, Luffy still hasn’t appeared, so it suddenly goes dead silent.

Doflamingo likes this already better and wants to silence Viola forever. He therefore pulls Rebecca towards her, who rushes towards Viola with her sword. But at the last moment Luffy appears, at whose Haki reinforced head the sword breaks. Law has used his abilities to swap Viola and Luffy’s positions. Luffy is thus back on the battlefield to finish the fight with Doflamingo.

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