One Piece Episode 731


Dress Rosa: Usopp and Hack try to convince some civilians to help their friends, who are trying to stop the strings of the birdcage. Since Doflamingo has put a large bounty on Usopp’s head, the civilians follow his orders without argument. When Usopp goes to check with Viola to see how his friends are doing, he notices that she has disappeared.

Doflamingo continues to skewer the gladiators with his strings, who have picked themselves back up to stall for more time for Luffy. Meanwhile, Rebecca is running through the streets telling the civilians to run to the plateau if they want a safe place. Originally, Rebecca was helping push the strings away as well, but her father asked her to take care of the civilians. But as Rebecca evacuates the people, she wonders if the Birdcage can really be stopped or if the only way in the end is through Doflamingo. On the streets, Rebecca then finds a sword, which she takes. She is aware that she is no match for Doflamingo, but cannot stand idly by and wants to do something about it, so she at least tries to kill Doflamingo. When Rebecca reaches Doflamingo, she is startled because Viola has already confronted him. The latter shouts to Rebecca to leave. Viola, as a former officer of the Donquixote pirate gang, also bears responsibility and therefore feels obliged to take care of Doflamingo himself. The latter is only amused by this and throws her to the ground after her attack.

West Side of the Birdcage: Zoro and the samurai receive an unexpected visitor in the form of Admiral Fujitora, who also assists them. Marines who know Haki also come to the rescue with their enhanced swords, while those who don’t know Haki are sent to help the factory dwarves. Further, both Franky and the dwarves, as well as Bartolomeo and Luffy’s allies, get help from many civilians. As everyone presses together, they actually manage to briefly stop the shrinking of the birdcage. As a result, the strings continue to move. Nevertheless, everyone is now confident that they can stop the birdcage and start pressing again. King Riku and Tank Lepanto now join in as well.

Doflamingo thinks those few seconds won’t change anything. Viola, however, is not sure about this and attacks Doflamingo with her devilish powers to surprise him with a dagger attack afterwards. But Doflamingo had already strung the net in front of him, which Viola gets caught on. Once again, he knocks her to the ground and then uses his own powers to take control of her body. He explains that he could forgive his subordinates for many mistakes, but never treason. While forcing Viola to stand upright in front of him, he next takes control of Rebecca, forcing her to draw her sword and walk towards Viola with it. Rebecca tries in vain to prevent this, but she cannot escape his control.

Gatz tries to climb onto a ledge of the new king’s plateau. As he does so, he asks his assistants how much longer Luffy will need. There is still a minute before he is ready to go again. The time it takes for the birdcage to fully contract is also one minute.

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