One Piece Episode 730


Dress Rosa: The civilians are at a loss as to where to flee and are getting in their own way. On one end, the birdcage strings are getting closer and closer, on the other end, Doflamingo is going crazy and attacking everything with his strings to lure Luffy out.

New King’s Plateau, Level 2: All the defeated allies who are on Luffy’s side have been gathered into one place by the remaining fighters. As the defeated are too injured or powerless, Elizabello II and Sai are wondering what to do. At that moment, some lights appear in the sky, which Leo recognizes. When a light touches Hajrudin, the latter’s entire body lights up briefly before the giant suddenly awakens.

Dress Rosa, Western Edge: Zoro sheathes his swords in haki and presses against the threads of the birdcage. Kinemon says it’s impossible to stop the birdcage like that, but Zoro counters that the whole cage is also just part of one man’s technique. Besides, they should help him rather than argue. Kinemon and Kanjuro also reinforce their weapons with haki and support Zoro. Meanwhile, Franky has started to push the factory against the threads together with the dwarves. Since the factory is made of sea stone, the threads can’t destroy it. Robin and Bartolomeo learn about Zoro and Franky’s plan via Den-den Mushi through Viola.

Southern edge of Dress Rosa, near the new King’s Plateau: The civilians want to flee to the new King’s Plateau, but are stopped by the henchmen of the Donquixote pirate gang. They only want to let members of their pirate gang onto the new King’s Plateau and shoot anyone who talks back to them. But afterwards the pirates are defeated by Kyros, Bartolomeo and the rest of the allied fighters of the Corrida Colosseum. Hajrudin and Dagama marvel that they can move so well with their injuries. Leo explains that they should be careful, as this was only a temporary cure for Princess Mansherry. As the civilians begin to climb the plateau, Sai calls out to them that those who have strength should accompany them to stop the birdcage.

Doflamingo has now defeated almost all the gladiators. To lure the straw hat out of its hiding place, Doflamingo increases the speed at which the birdcage contracts. The remaining gladiators, led by Mummy and Damask, are then also without a chance against Doflamingo.

Sabo, meanwhile, continues to fight Burgess, but has noticed that the threads are moving faster now.

The population all over Dress Rosa is completely desperate and at a loss. Zoro and Franky are having some problems on their side right now due to the acceleration of the threads. Law has also noticed what’s going on. With the new speed, it only takes the threads three minutes to destroy the city, while it still takes Luffy four minutes to regain his strength.

Eastern edge of Dress Rosa: Bartolomeo has created a wide barrier that cannot be cut by the threads. Luffy’s allies, as well as some civilians, now do the same as Zoro and Franky on the other side, all pushing against the barrier to stop the threads. Leo explains to Robin that Mansherry is using her tears to create a dandelion whose spores now fly across the land, giving supernatural self-healing power to all who touch it, allowing injured people to temporarily move again.

Mansherry flies overhead on Kabu, dropping more spores with her powers.

Out of nowhere, Law falls in front of Gatz, who has teleported there with his powers. Law inquires how much longer Luffy needs to regenerate his Haki. Gatz replies that more than three minutes are still needed. Law then agrees to continue taking care of Luffy.

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