One Piece Episode 729


New Plateau: Doflamingo frees himself from the stone wall into which the Straw Hat Captain has hurled him. He smiles as he sees from a distance how Luffy himself is currently suffering from the side effect of his Gear 4 technique. Doflamingo uses his devil powers to provisionally dress his wounds and internal injuries using his threads to contain the effects of Luffy’s attack.

Streets of Dress Rosa: Luffy is on the ground, struggling with exhaustion due to the overuse of his haki. Just before he falls over again, he is caught by Gatz. Gatz asks if Luffy was really the gladiator Lucy, to which he confirms. Gatz then asks how Luffy plans to continue his duel against Doflamingo and if there is anything he could do for the Straw Hat. Luffy explains he would need ten minutes. Whenever after using Gear 4, Luffy can’t use his Haki for ten minutes. Once the time is up, Luffy is sure he can take down Doflamingo with just one punch. Meanwhile, Doflamingo has finished his own treatment and makes his way to the Straw Hat. Luffy promises Gatz that he will be able to do it if he is given ten minutes to recover. This is enough for Gatz, whereupon he orders the gladiators standing around them to hold Doflamingo off for ten minutes. Gatz explains to Luffy that these are all the gladiators who competed in the tournament but didn’t fight on Luffy’s side afterwards. Mummy apologizes for his behavior at the Straw Hat, for being blinded by the bounty. Meadows explains that some like him also just never thought they had a chance against Doflamingo’s gang. Spartan, in turn, explains that to make amends, they would now believe in the Straw Hat and will put their lives on the line for him. When Doflamingo appears, half of the gladiators head towards him to keep him at bay. The other half accompany Gatz, who carries the Straw Hat to safety on his back.

No sooner have they started running, however, than someone bursts through a house to attack them. It is Jesus Burgess. The latter pulls out a knife to finish off the straw hat, but before it can happen, he is suddenly kicked away by Sabo. Sabo explains that he won’t let anyone hurt Luffy, as he is his younger brother. Burgess finds these words strangely familiar, to which Sabo assumes that Ace must have said the same thing. He explains that he, Luffy, and Ace are brothers, and since Ace is gone due to Blackbeard’s actions that sparked Marine Ford’s war, Sabo would now look out for his little brother. Burgess counters that he has nothing against Sabo, which is why he should leave. However, Sabo retorts that they both probably have unfinished business and presents his devil powers. When it then becomes clear to both Gatz and Burgess that Sabo was the one who impersonated Lucy and ate the Fire Fruit in the finals of the tournament, Burgess’ opinion changes. He plans to get the fire fruit’s abilities. Sabo tells Gatz to keep running. Sabo is again attacked by Burgess, but remains unharmed due to his Logia body and counters with his attack, which flings Burgess away. Sabo is now sure, because of Burgess’ reaction, that the Blackbeard pirates are really hunting down Devil Fruit users to get their powers.

Luffy explains to Gatz that he and Sabo had to switch places in the tournament finals. While Gatz doesn’t think this is fair, under the circumstances he overlooks it. Gatz suddenly hears loud yelling behind him and sees that Doflamingo has already defeated many of the gladiators. The remaining gladiators wonder why Doflamingo still has so much power, to which he replies that he doesn’t really need to use any of his power for such weaklings. Filled with rage, Doflamingo shouts for Luffy to show himself so he can get his revenge.


  • The broadcast of this episode was originally scheduled for 07 February 2016. However, on that day, the broadcast was interrupted after the opening. The reason for this was a missile test by North Korea, which Fuji TV reported on instead. The broadcast of this episode was therefore postponed by one week.
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