One Piece Episode 728


Dress Rosa: After King Riku’s speech, the people of Dress Rosa run on, hoping to be rescued soon. Luffy, meanwhile, knocks away all the strings Doflamingo throws at him. Doflamingo himself uses the time to patch up his wounds using his threads. Luffy knows he doesn’t have much time before Doflamingo has fully recovered from his injuries, or until he himself is no longer able to maintain Gear 4. He then charges at Doflamingo, who attacks him again with threads from buildings. Luffy is able to dodge most of the attacks, continues to charge at Doflamingo, and ends up delivering a haki staggered headbutt to his stomach. After being flung away by Doflamingo, Luffy bounces back. However, he then manages to knock Doflamingo halfway across the island to the new plateau with a Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka. Hanging in the stone wall, the Samurai of the Seas stops moving, whereupon the people celebrate the supposed victory. As Luffy bounces up and down on the ground, Gatz suddenly realizes that Lucy from the Coliseum was Luffy. Other civilians wonder if this is really Luffy, as he doesn’t currently look like his mugshot. Also, the rumors that he is an eight meter tall monster are not true, whereupon they keep asking him if he is the real Luffy.

Level 4: Cavendish has to acknowledge that Luffy’s attack was overwhelming and Doflamingo couldn’t possibly have survived this. However, Law points to the sky. Cavendish notes that the birdcage is still there, which means Doflamingo is still not defeated.

Luffy has noticed this as well, so he rushes to the plateau to deliver the final blow to Doflamingo. As he prepares the next attack, the time limit for Gear 4 is reached and the air in Luffy’s body escapes. Like balloon and without control, Luffy initially flies through the air and falls powerlessly to the ground.

Level 4, new Plateau: Jesus Burgess sees his chance has come. Full of anticipation, he jumps from the 4th level of the plateau into the city to give the straw hat the rest. Koala immediately tries to contact Sabo. Meanwhile, Burgess lands safely in town and shouts that he will kill Luffy and get his Devil Fruit.

Streets of Dress Rosa: Luffy has to breathe heavily and barely manages to get up despite all his strength. Some civilians want to help Luffy, but others hold people back, saying that Luffy is, after all, a pirate like Doflamingo and cannot be trusted. However, one man reminds the people that King Riku called Luffy a hope, so they should trust him. They ask if the fight is finally over. At that moment, a loud grumble is heard from the plateau. The crater Doflamingo is growing in size and the Samurai of the Seas slowly raises his head again. Realizing that the fight is still not over, the humans run away while Luffy keeps trying to get up. Doflamingo, on the other hand, has to smile at the sight.

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