One Piece Episode 727


Dress Rosa: Some residents of Dress Rosa see Doflamingo clearly outclass Luffy and get knocked into buildings again. Most do not recognize Luffy, but cheer him on.

New King’s Plateau, Level 4: Cavendish looks on in disbelief at Luffy’s transformation. Law advises that Luffy is using too much Haki. Meanwhile, on the top floor of the now badly damaged palace, Jesus Burgess searches for the Straw Hat. Spotting him in the distance, he plans to wait for the right moment. Koala watches the pirate and is sure that Luffy is in danger.

Streets of Dress Rosa: The samurai worry about Zoro’s sense of direction and take him on a sparrow drawn by Kanjuro so they don’t run in circles and reach the birdcage in a timely manner.

The birdcage has now destroyed half the land and reached the Smile factory. Franky has the dwarves evacuate the factory. Outside, however, they notice how everything around the factory is destroyed by the birdcage. The factory itself is not cut by the strings. Franky quickly combines that the factory, which is made of sea stone, cannot be damaged by threads created by devil forces. Nevertheless, the threads push the factory away. Zoro and the samurai reach Franky’s group and explain to them that they want to stop the birdcage. Franky hasn’t even thought of that possibility yet. As he looks towards the factory, an idea comes to him as well.

Luffy has to finish the fight quickly, as he doesn’t have much time left. He rushes to Doflamingo, who is just getting back up. The latter realizes that Luffy is using his powers really well, however he assumes that this must come at a disadvantage or risk. Besides, Doflamingo himself isn’t finished either and he never runs out of strings. With a touch of his hand to the ground, Doflamingo turns his surroundings into threads that attack Luffy. Luffy is irritated, as this doesn’t look like the usual powers of a Paramecia force. Doflamingo suggests that devil powers have a second stage, which is called “awakening”. In this stage, Paramecia users, for example, can affect their surroundings with their powers, which are otherwise only designed for their own bodies. Doflamingo gives Luffy the tip to hurry, as otherwise the threads in Doflamingo’s body would have tended to his wounds again, and Luffy will surely be pretty banged up even then. Doflamingo then turns entire buildings into thousands and thousands of threads that attack the Straw Hat Captain. The latter can no longer get close to Doflamingo due to the attacks from all directions.

Meanwhile, in the streets of the city: An old woman stumbles and can no longer get up. Her granddaughter tries to get her to get up again and keep walking. But the old woman doubts that she can even walk that far and wants her granddaughter to leave her behind. At a hospital, a doctor asks people walking by to help him carry the sick and injured to safety, but no one stops. A young mother, on the other hand, has lost her son and asks the people walking past her for help, but everyone only has their survival in mind, so they run past her or push her away. An injured man has simply sat down and completely given up.

King Riku, hearing the cries of his country’s inhabitants, decides to make an appeal over several loudspeakers. He explains that he knows his people have been through far too much in one day and can barely bear their emotions, which is why many only think of their own survival. Still, he says this is not the beginning of a new tragedy, as they have already been living in a cage of doflamingo for ten years. Through his manipulations and intrigues, Doflamingo made them dance like puppets. But this would soon be over. The Donquixote band of pirates, who everyone thought were invincible, were all defeated by the brave outside fighters except for Doflamingo. Doflamingo himself is currently in battle with the Straw Hat Pirate Luffy, who King Riku believes is capable of finally freeing her from her cage. It would only take a few more minutes. Because of this, and because King Riku doesn’t want anything to happen to a single person of his country, he asks everyone to pull themselves together one more time and hold on for those minutes. There would still be hope, which is why no one should give up.

After hearing this speech, many change their behavior. The grandmother who gave up gets up again and keeps running. Some people run back to the hospital to help the doctors and nurses get the injured to safety. The man with the injured leg gets back up and suddenly gets help from a marine and a pirate, both of whom try to carry him. The man who pushed the young mother away has found her son and brings him to her.

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