One Piece Episode 726


Dress Rosa’s streets: Civilians are still running for their lives trying to reach the center of the birdcage. Both marines and pirates are helping people who can’t run properly because they’re injured, too old, or too young. To the shock of the civilians, buildings that weren’t cut up are being pushed in the direction of the civilians by the strings, which means that people are now being chased by massive debris as well.

Level 2: Sai can hardly believe the level of destruction, to which Baby 5 tells him that this is the true horror of the Birdcage, and that it would suit Doflamingo to wipe out an entire kingdom without batting an eye. Sai then takes charge of the remaining fighters on this level, stating that he cannot continue to stand idly by. For this reason, they should go to their fallen comrades and help them get back up, as it won’t be long before the threads reach the plateau as well. Don Chinjao is proud that his grandson is developing more and more into a worthy leader.

Old King’s Plateau: Usopp, Hack and Viola leave the plateau. Usopp is surprised, thinking that they are safe here because it is the center of the birdcage. But Viola calls attention to the upper threads, where you can see the center of the birdcage shifting towards the new plateau, making this place unsafe as well.

Dress Rosa’s Streets: Zoro runs through the streets, followed by the samurais, who run after him questioningly. Zoro plans to stop the birdcage, which shocks the samurais.

Level 4: Law’s arm has been reattached and bandaged by Mansherry and Leo. Cavendish explains to Law, who has just regained consciousness, that he realized something when he was forced to do slave labor underground as a toy. There he saw all the goods of illegal weapons and artificial devil fruit. Even if Doflamingo is defeated, the real battle wouldn’t be over as this will only bring a lot of new enemies to the Straw Hats and Law who are business partners of Doflamingo. Law is aware of this.

Palace: Doflamingo wonders what Luffy means by Gear 4. Luffy wraps his arm with Busoushoku and blows air into its muscles. Luffy’s body grows in response, expanding his Busoushoku to both arms and legs. Now the slightest touch of the ground causes him to permanently bounce up and down like a rubber ball. Doflamingo finds this sight ridiculous. Luffy explains that he had to face massive beasts for two years and to defeat them, he needed a body like this. Doflamingo still can’t take Luffy seriously, until he suddenly rushes at him with insane speed. Using a gum-gum kong gun, Luffy beats Doflamingo from the upper palace to the lower streets of Dress Rosa.

Dress Rosa’s streets: Doflamingo has landed in a building. As he stands up, he wonders, as do the civilians around him, what he is suddenly doing here. Marines immediately surround him, but are intimidated by his murderous rage. The people then run away in fear. As Doflamingo realizes how far away he has been flung, he sees Luffy flying towards him. Using spring-like movements, Luffy pushes himself off with his legs in the air to move around. Luffy suddenly disappears and unexpectedly appears next to Doflamingo. With a kick with both legs, Doflamingo is once again flung through the buildings. None of the civilians really recognise Luffy in this state, with the latter immediately latching onto Doflamingo’s heels again. The latter now understands that Luffy is taking full advantage of his body’s elasticity in this state, using the Busoushoku to further increase his hardness in his attacks. Doflamingo tries to shift the fight into the air to gain an advantage, but Luffy is able to break or deflect all of his strings in this state. Even Doflamingo’s own attacks laced with haki seem to have no effect on Luffy’s body. Luffy then lunges for his next attack, his arm seemingly stretching into infinity as he pursues Doflamingo. The Samurai of the Seas tries to dodge, but ends up getting hit right in the face.


  • Although Luffy removes his sandals at the beginning of Gear 4, they can still be seen on his feet several times in subsequent shots of the episode, most notably during the execution of his Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider attack.
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