One Piece Episode 723


Palace, top floor: Law has injured Doflamingo’s organs with his Gamma Knife and is certain that Doflamingo has no chance of surviving this. Nevertheless, Law creates a room around himself and his tormentor to deliver the coup de grace. Trébol can’t watch any longer and races towards Law, but is stopped and pushed back by Luffy. Law predicts Doflamingo’s end for what he did to his own younger brother. Doflamingo justifies himself by saying that the latter had betrayed him earlier and pointed a gun at him, to which Law replies that he knew Corazon could never have pulled the trigger. Law could have, though, which is why Doflamingo says that Law and he are very similar, to which he recalls his first encounter with Law. Doflamingo continues to provoke Law and was happy after getting rid of his brother who has been nothing but a burden. Law attacks with his Counter Shock, but collapses from exhaustion shortly after.

Luffy is concerned, but Law points to Doflamingo, who gets back up shortly after, to everyone’s shock. The Samurai of the Seas reveals that, given enough time, he can practice first aid on himself and currently there are several strings inside him trying to literally stitch his organs back together. Now that Law has wasted the last of his strength, it’s easy for Doflamingo to take him out. Trébol tosses Luffy aside with a sticky chain to give Doflamingo a clear path. Law gets in closer and closer and ends up stomping on Law’s head, but is narrowly stopped by Luffy. Both opponents unleash their king haki, with Trébol shocked to see that Luffy actually possesses it. The collision of the two hakis creates a shockwave that throws Trébol and Law to the edge of the palace, where they can be seen from a great distance by everyone on Dress Rosa. Seeing his captain like this brings up old memories in Trébol.

Flashback: Doflamingo, a child at the time, arrives with wounds and bandages in an old musty hut where Trébol awaits him and asks what happened to him. Doflamingo then recounts how the people hung him, his brother, and his father from a wall and shot them with arrows while they lit a fire below them. While Doflamingo was angrily yelling that he would get back at them for this, his king shaki awoke and they all fainted. Trébol explains to the boy that this was King Shaki and is proof that Doflamingo was chosen by heaven to be a great leader or king. Laughing, Trébol places a pistol and a devil fruit, the thread fruit, on the table for him. Trébol thinks that if Doflamingo is a man, he should undergo a test and asks if there is anything or anyone the boy wants to kill or destroy. If so, Trébol would hereby give him the power to take revenge. Doflamingo explains that there are thousands of people he wants to kill. He takes the pistol and kills his father with it, seeing him as the main reason for his suffering.

Present: Trébol considers Doflamingo to be of a different caliber than everyone else because he was raised with madness from birth, fed with his anger and hatred. The fate he experienced would have then turned him into a true demon. For this reason, Trébol considers him the only true king chosen by Heaven. Luffy, however, does not care about this at all. He and Doflamingo keep clashing for an exchange of blows. Meanwhile, Trébol is sure that Doflamingo’s madness will eventually destroy everything. Doflamingo himself recalls events from his past; every tragedy, abuse, and loss and suddenly begins to laugh. He charges at the Straw Hat and puts him through another heavy attack that knocks Luffy to the ground.

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