One Piece Episode 722


Dress Rosa: All the inhabitants of the island notice how Doflamingo’s birdcage slowly begins to shrink, whereupon they gradually head towards the center of the island to escape the impending doom. The marines accordingly try to evacuate the people. Luffy’s allies wonder what they can do about it, and hope that the Straw Hat will defeat Doflamingo before it’s too late.

Palace, top floor: Doflamingo tells Luffy that sooner or later everyone will die, which is why he has sped everything up now and the birdcage is now contracting. He will spare nothing and no one because the secrets of his land have been revealed. Luffy would thus have no more than an hour left to prevent this from happening. To further irritate Luffy, Doflamingo taunts Law along with Trébol. Luffy charges at Doflamingo, whereupon an exchange of blows ensues between the two. As Luffy goes to launch another attack at close range, which Doflamingo tries to fend off, Luffy suddenly disappears and Law appears. Law has switched places with Luffy with Shambles and now attacks Doflamingo with his Gamma Knife, attacking Doflamingo from the inside. The attack damages his opponent’s organs. Trébol is stunned and irritated at how Law could use his technique without a Room. Law indicates that he created a Room so large that Trébol and Doflamingo did not notice it.

Flashback, five minutes earlier: After Law is shot the first time by Doflamingo and falls face first to the ground, Law uses his devil powers to switch positions and clothes with a henchman a few floors below them. Doflamingo’s henchman thus takes the remaining shots. After Luffy joins them, Law again switches positions with the henchman. Then, as Luffy is about to launch his attack on Doflamingo to avenge Law, Law whispers to him not to turn around. He explains that he is still alive and has a plan.

Present: Doflamingo spits a lot of blood and Law reiterates again that no one can fend off an attack from within. Doflamingo goes down on his knees, but grabs Law so he can get revenge on him. To prevent this, Luffy appears and pushes Doflamingo away with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Stomp. Doflamingo falls into a pile of rubble and doesn’t move. Trébol can’t believe that his king should be defeated by a petty pirate. When Doflamingo does stir, Luffy wants to finish him off, but Law asks him to leave it to him. Lying on the ground with his thoughts of Corazón and their time together, Law slowly drags himself towards Doflamingo. Law still has a score to settle with him. He gathers his remaining strength to finish what Corazón had started.

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