One Piece Episode 721


Old King’s Plateau: Viola announces that only two high-ranking members of the Donquixote pirate band are left standing after Bellamy’s defeat: Supreme Commander Trébol and the captain of the pirate band Donquixote Doflamingo himself. Looking over at these two, she is startled to confess that they now have casualties on their side in the form of Law.

Palace, top floor: Trébol and Doflamingo stand victoriously before Law’s lifeless body. He lies before them with several bullet holes in his back. Doflamingo wonders what Luffy will think of this sight.

Flashback, a few minutes earlier: After Trébol has thrown Law against some debris with his exploding slime, Doflamingo slowly walks up to him and says to him that he should know that he would hardly stand a chance against him. Thus, a fight against him and Trébol would be even more futile. Doflamingo then calls Law a real jinx. First he is born in the wealthy white city, only to witness its downfall, then he meets his savior Corazón, who prolongs his life, but who is then taken away from him, and last but not least he would dedicate his life to a senseless revenge. He points his gun at Law and declares he would shoot him in a moment. Since Law is thus going to die one way or another, Doflamingo wants to make him one last offer. Law is to give Doflamingo eternal life with his powers, in return he would grant Law any wish before he dies. Law takes him up on it, stating he would grant Doflamingo his wish if he grants him his beforehand. Trébol and Doflamingo are pleased that Law has come to his senses. However, Law demands that Doflamingo bring Corazón back to life, after which he would have to kiss the butt of every inhabitant of the island. Law finds Doflamingo more pitiful because he still hasn’t understood the situation he’s in. He can do whatever he wants, but he wouldn’t be able to beat the Straw Hats, who have already performed miracle after miracle. Enraged, Doflamingo starts shooting at Law, who goes down. When he reads the name Corazón on Law’s coat, he sees this as an evil satire towards him and pulls the trigger once more. He then realizes that the name of Law’s pirate gang, the Heart Pirates, is also supposed to be a reference to Corazón. Enraged, Doflamingo fires his entire magazine at Law.

Present, Old King’s Plateau: King Riku thinks that instead of standing around uselessly, they should do something and wants to go down from the plateau to help the civilians evacuate. Many people follow him in response.

Palace, top floor: Doflamingo thinks that they now have to start looking for the Operation Fruit again, but he wants to take care of the rest for now and walks a few steps until he is standing right in the middle of the birdcage. He raises his arm and clenches his fist when suddenly Luffy comes shooting out of the ground to attack him. However, each attack is blocked. When Doflamingo tries to attack him with a large amount of threads at once, Luffy dodges, stepping into a pool of blood from Law’s body. Luffy turns his gaze to Law and Doflamingo declares that he has died, mistakenly believing that the Straw Hat would make it to him in time. Incensed, Luffy attacks again with a Haki enhanced Gomu Gomu no Gigant-Whip. Trébol and Doflamingo are able to dodge, but Luffy takes advantage of the debris being flung into the air to mimic an attack by Bellamy, pushing himself off the debris several times until he attacks Doflamingo directly. However, the web of strings he created to defend himself is too strong, so the rubber man is thrown back.

Old King’s Plateau: Just as King Riku climbs down, he thinks he hears something. He looks into the distance and realizes where the sound is coming from. He orders everyone back to the plateau. Some marines also recognize the situation. The birdcage has begun to slowly contract and is slowly cutting everything in its path.

Royal Palace: Luffy is about to launch his next attack when he suddenly hears Law’s voice asking him to wait.

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