One Piece Episode 720


Old King’s Plateau: After his fight against Pica, Zoro recalls a conversation with Hawkeye.

Flashback: Hawkeye asks Zoro if his swords have ever broken in battle. He has to admit that this has happened more than once. Dracule Mihawk then explains that this wouldn’t have happened if Zoro had mastered Haki, turning his blades completely black. This would make the swords much more sturdier and able to cut through anything.

In the present, Zoro looks at his pitch-black blade and is glad that the blade has indeed not taken a nick after all those attacks on stone. He climbs up to the plateau shortly after, where he is already joyfully awaited by Usopp.

In the streets of Dress Rosa, Fujitora again asks if the civilians have been brought to safety. The marines confirm this, thanking the Admiral for his help. Indeed, after the remains of the Pica statue were thrown over the old King Plateau by King Punch, Fujitora used his devil powers to keep the debris from falling until all the civilians could be evacuated.

Level 2: Sai, Don Chinjao and the others are amazed at how strong Zoro is and despite his strength, he is only Luffy’s right hand man. Suddenly, explosions are heard from the Smile Factory.

Smile Factory: The dwarves are in the process of destroying the Smile Factory.

Level 4: Leo has now arrived with Princess Mansherry at Kyros, Rebecca and Robin. Leo doesn’t recognize his commander at first, as it’s the first time he’s seen him as a human. Mansherry in turn notices Kyros’ wounds and wants to heal him, which the former toy soldier refuses. There would be many others in Dress Rosa who need the dwarf princess’ help more. Mansherry then realizes the mess Dress Rosa is in. Kyros explains that they have reached the final point of the battle, and now all they have to do is wait for the pirates to rid them of Doflamingo.

Meanwhile, Koala has snuck into the palace and contacts Sabo via Den-den Mushi. She needs his help, but he explains that he is freeing the captured gladiators of the coliseum. Sabo believes she should be able to do it on her own, but goes on his way when he hears that Luffy may also be in danger.

Old King’s Plateau: The civilians thank Zoro for saving them from Pica. The swordsman counters that they should save their thanks for now, since the birdcage hasn’t disappeared yet and thus the most important of their enemies is still standing.

Level 4, King’s Palace, Hallway: Luffy is still trying to appeal to Bellamy to stop, asking him why he would go so far for Doflamingo, who has only used and lied to him so far. Doflamingo did let Bellamy go free, but he still decided to continue fighting the Straw Hat to the death. Luffy now understands that this was planned by Doflamingo. Bellamy believes this as well, but is happy if his death at least earns him acceptance from Doflamingo. In this regard, he could not ask for more. Luffy calls him a fool for dying senselessly. In an inner monologue, Bellamy states that he would be happy if a person he respects put an end to his pointless life.

Bellamy remembers his first encounter with the Straw Hat and how he was defeated by him. Later, he secretly watched its bounty rise higher and higher. He also looked in disbelief at the image of Luffy in the sky after his victory against Enel. Shortly after, he recalls how Luffy confirmed to him several times that he had changed and even called him a friend. In his mind, Bellamy thanks Luffy for those words.

In the present, Bellamy exclaims that he wants to end it now with a final blow, and that Luffy should finally fight back if he doesn’t want to die. Bellamy races towards Luffy, who is furious at Doflamingo for making him do this. Luffy sheathes his fist with haki and knocks Bellamy out with one punch. Enraged, Luffy roars at Doflamingo. The latter is on the top floor and hears Luffy’s shout, wondering how the Straw Hat will react once he discovers Law’s dead body.

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