One Piece Episode 719


Level 2: Elizabello II warms up and prepares his King Punch while waiting for Zoro. The latter runs to Orlumbus, having previously seen him throwing people through the air like balls.

Old King’s Plateau: Pica prepares his strike with his massive statue to eliminate King Riku and Usopp. The navy wants to prevent this and fires cannons at him. Pica then goes to finish them off with a foot stomp, sweeping away everyone within the radius of his foot. King Riku shouts at him to stop, as he is the target of his attack. The king asks Tank to get the civilians off the plateau while Pica refocuses on him. Tank wants the king to accompany them. But King Riku explains that all is well if his sacrifice saved the people around him, after all he is Pica’s target and doesn’t want to put anyone in danger. The civilians are moved by the words of their true king. Pica wants to comply with the king’s request and takes a swing with an open palm. Pica is about to strike when he suddenly sees all the civilians come running back to protect King Riku. If he doesn’t run away, they won’t either. Pica finds this ridiculous and wants to bury King Riku with all his principles and ideals.

Level 2: Orlumbus has mobilized all of his powers to throw Zoro through the air with full force, making it look like Zoro is flying through the air. Zoro uses his armor haki and completely blackens not only his hands, but also his three swords.

As Pica’s palm gets closer and closer to the old royal plateau, Zoro reaches him shortly after, cutting his stone statue body with one blow. He separates the statue’s torso from its legs, whereupon the torso falls away backwards. Everyone present is shocked. Zoro lands on the wall of the old king’s plateau and immediately pushes himself off of it after realizing that Pica is in the torso. With another blow, he slices the torso in half vertically. Zoro once again locates Pica’s true body and cuts the stone statue until Pica finally rises from the rubble. Pica explains that just because Zoro cornered him doesn’t mean he won the fight. He uses his own haki to wrap his entire body and is sure to win against Zoro this way. Zoro then retorts that this would only be possible if his haki was stronger than his. Zoro then attacks Pica with Santoryu Ogi: Sanzen Sekai, causing Pica to fall to the ground unconscious. Zoro jumps to a ledge of the old King’s Plateau and holds onto the wall.

Level 2: Elizabello and many others are stunned by Zoro’s victory. But then they see the debris from Pica’s statue still falling on the old King Plateau. Elizabello then uses his King Punch to sweep them away. In the end, the fighting king is a bit angry at Zoro for planning to use the King Punch only for “cleanup”. Still, everyone is happy that Pica is defeated and King Riku is safe.

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