One Piece Episode 716


Flashback: Ever since Señor Pink manages to get his comatose wife Russian to smile again, he’s been going to the hospital every day with a baby bonnet on his head, a pacifier in his mouth, and diapers. In fact, somehow this sight always seems to get to Russian, whereupon she starts smiling again when she sees him. People think he’s a pervert or a crazy person. People on the street as well as his own crew members laugh at him, but he doesn’t mind as long as he can make Russian smile with it. To him, his baby outfit is more valuable than any expensive suit.

Present day, outside the Smile Factory: Franky is still beating on Señor Pink and ends up taking him down. As he walks over to his opponent, he notices that he has tears in his eyes, to which Franky wonders what he was thinking about. If they were to meet again someday somewhere, Franky would like to go out for a drink with him to hear more about the woman named Russian that Señor Pink mentioned briefly during their fight. The cyborg then opens the gates of the Smile factory and shouts to the dwarves that they can now tear apart the factory that has caused them so much grief. After the dwarves storm off, Franky says he’ll leave the rest to them and collapses from exhaustion.

New King’s Plateau, Level 4: Diamante attacks Kyros, Robin and Rebecca with his sword blows, which create shockwaves that can split half the level. Diamante warns Kyros to underestimate him, as he is not only dangerous due to his devilish powers, but also possesses great physical strength, which is why he is the current hero of the Coliseum. Kyros then attacks Diamante, who is able to deflect his attack and once again causes the ground to move beneath him. Diamante taunts Kyros and his disadvantage of only having one leg. Kyros, however, is indifferent to this handicap himself. Still, it is clear to see that Kyros is already exhausted. Diamante now takes out some paper rolls that were previously manipulated by his devil powers. He makes them return to their old form, whereupon it is revealed that they are confetti cannons, firing a lot of confetti into the air. However, Diamante’s devil powers turn the confetti rain into a lot of metal stars. Diamante, on the other hand, stretches out a metal umbrella to protect himself from the rain. When Robin sees that she and Rebecca can also be hit by it, she uses her devil powers to pick dozens of sunflowers and form them into an umbrella to protect them from the attack. However, to Diamante’s shock, Kyros deflects all the falling metal stars with his sword.

Meanwhile, Diamante takes out a pistol and shoots Kyros in his remaining leg with it, causing him to go down and get hit by the metal stars. Diamante laughs at the sight and explains that this is the same pistol he once used to kill Kyros’ wife Scarlet. Rebecca can’t forgive Diamante for this and wants to charge at him with her sword, but is held back by Robin. However, despite the fact that it is still raining metal stars, Kyros now gets back up. The latter shouts to his daughter that this would be his fight and she should drop her sword. Rebecca had so far honored and fulfilled her mother’s wish that she never hurt anyone. All the years Rebecca has been fighting in the Coliseum, she has never hurt anyone, leaving her hands and sword still pure, which would mean the spirit of Scarlet would still live on. Kyros therefore wants to prevent her from staining her hands with the blood of a devil like Diamante and therefore hunts him down himself, whereupon he rushes towards Diamante.

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