One Piece Episode 715


Palace, Hallway: Luffy continues to try to get Bellamy to understand that Doflamingo is not worth risking his life for. However, Bellamy continues to attack with Haki enhanced attacks, stating that he would decide this for himself.

Chapel: Leo and Kabu decide they’d better get out of the palace and return to Violet. Mansherry wants to take advantage of the opportunity and pretends to sprain her ankle so Leo will carry her. Leo thinks Mansherry is just too lazy to walk, at which point the two start arguing. Kabu breaks up the argument and they eventually go on their way. Leo, meanwhile, is still ranting about Mansherry’s selfish, moody, and mean character, while Kabu wonders in his mind if Leo really doesn’t realize that she’s very nice to everyone else and is actually in love with Leo. Meanwhile, Giolla is trying to drag herself to a Den-den Mushi with the last of her strength to report to Doflamingo. She suspects that he must have included Mansherry’s abilities in his plan, and believes that if the factory is destroyed, he can restore it with Mansherry’s powers. However, since they lost Mansherry, destroying the city is no longer without risk to them either. Before Giolla can reach the Den-den Mushi, she collapses, hoping that Señor Pink can protect the factory.

Factory: Señor Pink and Franky openly take each other’s attacks without dodging or deflecting. When the dwarves ask why, Franky explains that he would never turn down a drink and Pink would be the same. Because of their similar traits, both opponents would therefore not deflect anything the other threw at him to show that they could win despite all the hits. This would be a fight between men, which is why no one else would be allowed to interfere. Franky, however, promises to win to free the dwarves from Doflamingo’s slavery forever. Pink agrees, but declares that he wants to end the fight now, since he is not the youngest anymore, after all.

He grabs Franky and swims up a high building with his devil powers, from where Señor Pink drops with Franky. According to Pink, this would be his strongest attack. If Franky could survive this one, Senor Pink would also take Franky’s final attack without dodging. Franky agrees to this, but Pink makes sure that Franky will land on his back, having figured it out as the latter’s weak point. While they’re still in the air, Pink suddenly says what a shame it is that it’s so cloudy and that’s why you can’t see the sky, as he would have loved to see his wife and son again. Franky asks him what he means by that as they hit the ground as well. Franky survives the attack and gets ready for his final assault. Using his Franky Iron Boxing, the cyborg then pummels Senor Pink. As the punches rain down on him, Senor Pink reminisces about two days in the rain. The first day he met his wife, the second he lost her.

Flashback: Señor Pink, then still slim and dressed in an elegant suit, seeks shelter from the rain under an awning. A young woman comes along, surprised by the rain. She is completely soaked, but cheerful, as she loves rain. She smiles at him and asks him what he would think of the rain. The young woman’s name is Russian and after this encounter the two meet regularly. In the process, Señor Pink learns that she does not like pirates at all. When she asks what he does for a living, he lies to her that he is a banker. The two become a couple over time and one day they marry. Russian gets pregnant and Pink becomes the father of a boy, whom he christens Gimlett. All the while, Pink tries to keep his personal life separate from his life as a pirate.

One day Señor Pink is away for a week. When he returns, it is storming and raining terribly. That day, he learns from Russian that Gimlett fell seriously ill at the beginning of the week and subsequently passed away. Furious, Russian asks Pink where he was during this time. She had called the bank he claimed to work at, but no one there knew him. When Pink doesn’t give her an answer, she slaps him and runs out into the storm. Pink searches for her all night and ultimately gets a call from the hospital the morning after. Russian has been caught in a landslide due to the soggy, muddy ground and has been in a waking coma ever since, unable to show any emotion. No one knows if she will ever awaken from it. Pink cries at her bedside and blames herself. Pink then visits her daily, bringing flowers and talking to her, without ever even getting a response. Pink wishes only to hear her voice again or to see her smile. One day, Señor Pink brings a baby bonnet he found in a store that resembles Gimlett’s. He puts it on and asks Russian if she will wear it. He puts it on and asks Russian if he wouldn’t look a little like Gimlett now. He is about to take the bonnet off when he remarks how macabre the joke is and that people will surely wonder about him. Suddenly, something happens that he didn’t expect: Russian, still in a waking coma, smiles.

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