One Piece Episode 714


Level 4: Robin now wants to take care of Rebecca, which is why Kyros can focus completely on Diamante.

Level 3: Two henchmen of the Donquixote pirates lay the defeated Gladius on a stretcher. They beg Bartolomeo for mercy and ask him for permission to care for their comrade. Although they know that Gladius will probably not be able to get up for a few days, they would like to treat his wounds. The cannibal allows them to do so, whereupon the two set off with Gladius.

Castle, Chapel: More henchmen are bringing Dellinger in, but accidentally drop him, which Giolla complains about. The henchmen then ask for an apology several times. Giolla, however, shows no mercy to either of them and uses her devilish powers to turn them into two abstract works of art. When she gets the message that in the meantime Gladius is also defeated and brought to her, she prepares herself.

Smile Factory: Franky and Señor Pink continue to fight each other. Viola has made contact with the dwarves there via Den-den Mushi. They ask Viola if she has found the princess yet. However, Viola reports to the dwarves at the factory, as well as Leo and Kabu, who are at the castle with a Den-den Mushi, that the situation has worsened, as Giolla is trying to use Mansherry’s abilities for herself. Leo understands that they need to hurry.

Castle, Chapel: Giolla demands that the dwarf princess Mansherry heal the fallen officers of the Donquixote pirate gang with her devil powers. However, Mansherry refuses to continue helping them after she finds out what’s going on outside. Giolla tells her that she really needs to use her powers like she did with Sugar. However, since Mansherry knows that Doflamingo has been lying to her all these years, she no longer wants to help bad people, which brings a few tears to her eyes. Both Giolla and the henchmen think the sight is very cute, but don’t let it bother them for long. Giolla grabs the princess and squeezes hard, trying to get her to help them.

Castle, Hallway: Leo and Kabu are ambushed, with Kabu being hit by the blast of a small cannonball. Kabu encourages Leo to keep running, saying he himself would follow shortly. With a heavy heart, Leo listens to his friend, takes out the two pirates who shot at them, and charges ahead.

Castle, Chapel: Giolla’s torture causes a tear of Mansherry’s to fall on a defeated henchman, whose wounds are instantly healed. After Giolla finds out that Mansherry’s tears also have healing powers, she mercilessly beats the princess to extract more tears from her.

Old Plateau: Viola informs Usopp about Mansherry’s devil powers, which she got from the Healing Fruit. This is also why she is so important to Doflamingo. The sniper is shocked to learn from Viola that Giolla wants to restore the fallen officers using Mansherry’s devil powers.

Castle, Chapel: Leo defeats the guards at the entrance and rushes into the room, but Giolla thinks it’s already too late. She is about to spray the princess’ tears on her comrades. But at the last moment, Kabu appears and pushes the defeated members of the Donquixote Pirates away, which only lands the tears on the floor. Leo takes advantage of Giolla’s moment of confusion and stitches all the pirates present to Giolla’s body and then pulls them together, whereupon she receives a headbutt from each of her comrades from all directions and goes down defeated herself.

Old Plateau: Viola reports with relief that Leo saved the princess in time without even healing an officer.

Castle, Chapel: When Mansherry falls from Giolla’s hand, Leo catches her with both arms. Mansherry is glad and her heart beats faster because Leo really rushed to her rescue and caught her like a prince. However, Leo only comments that the princess has become heavier again in the meantime. He ruined her moment and therefore gets punched in the face by her.

Castle, Hallway: Luffy continues to refuse to fight Bellamy. He knows that Bellamy could die if he keeps fighting so doggedly, so he tries to talk him out of it. Bellamy can’t believe the Straw Hat still cares about him after all the beatings. Bellamy attacks him with hook-enhanced attacks anyway, hoping that even if it kills him, it will keep him in Doflamingo’s memory a little longer.

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