One Piece Episode 713


Bartolomeo is thrilled that Robin was able to catch Hakuba before he could attack her. Cavendish then takes control of his body again, as he had never allowed Hakuba to take over the fight. He apologizes for his behavior, after which Robin and Bartolomeo slowly understand that Cavendish is suffering from a split personality. Hakuba then tries to take over Cavendish’s body again and attack Robin, as he is desperate to cause carnage. However, Cavendish prevents this again and subdues Hakuba once more. An argument ensues between the two personalities, which looks exceedingly strange to those present. In the end Cavendish seems to dominate his body again, which is why he asks Robin to let him go again, who is not sure if this is a good idea.

Gladius has used the time to blow up the wall the two are standing against until it soon bursts in a big explosion. Cavendish wants to get back down as soon as possible, but Robin is still worried about Rebecca. Bartolomeo then wants to take care of Gladius to stop the explosion. Gladius then causes a bump to form on his head and burst, causing his hair to fly towards Bartolomeo like arrows. A few small wounds are evident on his leg, and the cannibal suddenly notices that his leg is starting to go numb, as Gladius’ hair was soaked in poison. Gladius puffs up more and more, explaining that if Bartolomeo attacks him, his poisonous hair will fly towards Nico Robin and Cavendish like arrows. However, if he doesn’t attack, the wall would soon explode. Bartolomeo finds himself in a tricky position, but is desperate to save Robin. He shouts to Cavendish to save Robin, but Hakuba has just taken control again. Bartolomeo then has no choice. He runs towards Gladius and locks himself into a spherical barrier with him, protecting Robin and Cavendish from the blast. Before Gladius can even explode, Bartolomeo tries to give him the coup de grace with a dagger. This results in an explosion, which Bartolomeo gets at close range.

Still, the swelling on Robin and Cavendish’s wall does not go away. Gladius is still alive, as Bartolomeo missed his throat at the latter’s bloated body. Bartolomeo can’t move now because of the poison. Cavendish, meanwhile, is half Cavendish, half Hakuba, and tells Robin that they don’t have much time left, which is why she should let him go so he can save her with Hakuba’s speed. Robin is skeptical that she can really release Hakuba. As Gladius explodes the wall, Bartolomeo’s tears come in the face of not being able to protect Robin. However, Robin ended up trusting Cavendish and was carried up by him at a high rate of speed. Hakuba’s personality does attempt an attack with one arm, but Cavendish stops his own sword with his other hand. After they arrive at level 4, Cavendish falls asleep.

Bartolomeo, meanwhile, is able to move again somewhat and makes the barrier disappear. While he is glad Robin is safe, he is ashamed of himself for not being able to protect her. Compared to Luffy, Bartolomeo sees himself as a weakling, but he vows to one day be strong enough to become the man Luffy can rely on completely. To prove this, he employs a tribute technique, in honor of Luffy. Using the Bari Bari pistol, Bartolomeo finally knocks Gladius out.

Level 4: Diamante wants to start another attack on Rebecca, which Kyros can’t prevent in time this time. But at this moment Robin appears, who diverts the attack with her devil powers. The archaeologist thanks Rebecca for handing over the keys to Luffy and Law and now wants to take care of Rebecca’s protection.

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