One Piece Episode 712


Level 3: Gladius blasted the entire floor with his powers. Cavendish was able to get to safety at the last second, however, as Bartolomeo finally opened his barrier. Cavendish is still furious with the cannibal, as this was clearly too close for comfort for him. An argument ensues between the two, with Cavendish eventually giving in and leaving the barrier again to continue fighting. After another discussion, Bartolomeo opens his barrier to Cavendish, who immediately charges at Gladius. The latter sees Robin using her devil powers to create a staircase of legs to get to the fourth level and tries to shoot it down. Bartolomeo changes the shape of his barrier into a giant bat and repels the attack. Robin thanks Bartolomeo and winks at him, which motivates Bartolomeo to want to take on everyone. Just as Gladius and Cavendish meet again, their clash is disrupted. Bartolomeo has created a massive barrier that bulldozes everything in its path. As Gladius and Cavendish run from Bartolomeo’s barrier, Gladius spots Dellinger in the distance and calls out to him to finally finish with the second level to help him stop Robin.

Level 2: Dellinger likes the idea, but is grabbed and stopped by Ideo. The latter is actually a long-armed man and urges his opponent to concentrate. Ideo remains steadfast despite being injured, as he feels obligated to help the Straw Hat in any way he can. Plus, he doesn’t want to let down his already defeated comrades. Dellinger makes fun of Ideo’s words and rushes at him with great speed, giving him one strong kick after another as a result. Ideo tries to fight back, but can’t keep up with Dellinger’s speed. Ideo, however, wants to at least stall until Luffy has defeated Doflamingo. Dellinger then rips off his cap, revealing his horns. Dellinger’s eyes turn red and he declares that Ideo’s logic would only be for weaklings. Dellinger’s normal dentures fall out and sharp teeth grow back. He then bites Ideo in the shoulder, causing him to lose consciousness in pain, and shortly after kicks him off the stone pillar they were fighting on. Dellinger reveals that he is actually half descended from the Fighting Fish.

Level 3: With a few jumps Dellinger makes it to the third level, which looks abandoned. From a distance, he suddenly hears screams. Some henchmen are slashed as if out of nowhere. Gladius shouts to Dellinger to go back to the second level, as they have a very dangerous opponent. Dellinger makes fun of this, thinking Gladius is joking. But all of a sudden, Dellinger is also slashed by Cavendish’s second personality Hakuba. Dellinger turns around, stunned, as Hakuba instantly disappears again. Shortly after, Dellinger is hit by a whirlwind of blade attacks from all sides until he falls to the ground unconscious. Bartolomeo, who is inside a circular barrier, recognizes Cavendish’s clothing, but Hakuba’s face and demeanor are completely different from Cavendish’s. He wonders who he is when Hakuba disappears. He wonders who he is when Hakuba also appears right in front of the barrier and tries to attack Bartolomeo. This attempt fails due to the barrier, but Hakuba already sees his next target: Robin. He runs towards her, whereupon Bartolomeo tries to stop him in vain. However, Robin recognizes the impending danger in time and is able to hold Hakuba’s body with her arms. Robin asks Cavendish what has become of him and what he wants from her.

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