One Piece Episode 709


Palace Hallway: Bellamy continues to be controlled by Doflamingo and fights Luffy. Doflamingo watches them through the hole in the ceiling and is surprised that Bellamy is even alive. Luffy yells at the former world aristocrat to finally release Bellamy. Realizing that Luffy probably won’t kill Bellamy for him, Doflamingo makes the strings disappear from Bellamy’s body, which falls to the ground shortly after. Bellamy is now free, as he always wished, and turns his attention back to Law. Bellamy now remembers his first encounter with Doflamingo.

Flashback, Northblue: The Bellamy pirate gang enters a seedy bar where Doflamingo is sitting with Trébol and Diamante. Bellamy approaches them and declares that he wants to join the Donquixote pirate gang. He says that he has been a great admirer of Doflamingo since he was a small child, so he would like to follow him. Diamante finds this laughable and wants to kill Bellamy, but Doflamingo dissuades him. He inquires about Bellamy’s origins and learns that he is from Notice. Diamante is then puzzled because this is quite an affluent town and most of the people there are from wealthy families. Bellamy, however, finds the town boring and has therefore decided to become a pirate and join the pride of the Northblue, Doflamingo. In doing so, Bellamy assures him that they are different than the rest of the dreamer pirates currently running around. Doflamingo wants to give him a chance and allows him to travel the seas under his sail. However, he warns him not to be defeated, as Doflamingo does not tolerate weaklings in his gang.

Present: Bellamy slowly tries to get up while Luffy worries about him. Bellamy recalls past encounters with Luffy and Doflamingo. Then, when Luffy wants to go back to the roof to help Law fight Doflamingo and Trébol, Bellamy shouts at him to stop. Bellamy goes on the attack, using the same technique as in their first fight. Not only the straw hat has become stronger, but also Bellamy himself, which is why his technique is also much more dangerous than the last time.

Level 2: Dellinger complains to Pica because his attacks almost hit him too. Ideo takes advantage of the moment of inattention and ambushes him. Dellinger narrowly escapes the attack. Ideo advises him not to underestimate him and rather concentrate on the fight.

Sai has meanwhile pushed Baby 5 into the corner. However, she asks him if he would talk around the topic because they are opponents at the moment. Sai doesn’t know what she’s talking about, though. Baby 5 then repeats what she understood. She has interpreted Sai’s sayings as declarations of love all along. Therefore, she wouldn’t care that they were opponents since Sai obviously needed them. The Happo Navy commander, on the other hand, doesn’t know how to respond.

Meanwhile, Hajrudin is having some trouble with Machvise. The latter throws himself with his barrel weight on the giant, who goes down. Machvise then repeats this attack, landing several times on Hajrudin’s limbs. Machvise thinks he has finally defeated his opponent and looks for his next opponent, noticing Zoro. In an inner monologue, Hajrudin simultaneously calls himself pathetic. He had once dreamed of becoming the King of Elbaf, but he lost the tournament in the Coliseum, was turned into a toy, and still could not repay his debt after being freed. Although Hajrudin had sworn to give his life for it if necessary, he is still alive and still could not keep his promise. Hajrudin now wants to put his words into action. While Zoro just notices Machvise getting ready to attack, Hajrudin stands up again and asks the swordsman to let him fight. Machvise is mildly surprised that the giant is still alive, let alone able to get up. To be safe, he increases his weight to 10,000 tons. Hajrudin counters the attack with his hardest blow. Although several bones shatter in Hajrudin’s arm and a crater is made in the ground, the giant ultimately manages to knock Machvise back and slam him against the strings of the birdcage. Thus, the first of the officers from Doflamingo’s band of pirates is defeated. Shortly after, Hajrudin collapses. Zoro thinks that he has earned the break and concentrates on his own fight again.

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