One Piece Episode 708


After Law’s Injection Shot, Doflamingo gets back up effortlessly. Law continues to attack him, but most of the attacks are blocked. Doflamingo recalls his first encounter with Law and says he can’t stand his current look. Furthermore, he says he is sorely disappointed in his development. Enraged, Law attacks again and cuts one of the towers from the palace, hurling it at Doflamingo and Trébol with his tact attack. With a spider web of threads, Doflamingo is able to block most of the tower. Law attacks Doflamingo with some building debris, but Doflamingo is able to dodge it. However, this was just a diversion to attack the Samurai of the Seas with his scalpel attack. But Doflamingo is able to grab Law’s arm at the last moment.

Palace Corridor: The thread double always uses Bellamy as a shield whenever Luffy attacks. Therefore, Luffy unceremoniously ties Bellamy up with his rubber arm to prevent this. However, Bellamy asks the Straw Hat to end his suffering and kill him. Luffy refuses to listen to Bellamy’s pleading and begging, saying that he is his friend. The Threaded Doppelganger takes advantage of the moment of carelessness and attacks the two, at which point Luffy lets Bellamy go again. The doppelganger then advises Bellamy as worthless and tells Luffy to grant him his wish.

Pica Statue, Level 2 of the King’s Plateau: Pica has once again fused with his statue and grows a second one on it, which attacks Zoro. The latter then jumps to the second level of the new King’s Plateau to avoid the attack and counterattack. Though Zoro has seen through Pica’s powers, the Stone Man does not believe the Straw Hat will win. Pica escapes through the stone floor, whereupon Zoro pursues him. The swordsman is stopped in his tracks by some henchmen of the Donquixote pirate gang. At that moment, Orlumbus rushes to his aid, defeating his opponents for him. Zoro thanks his ally, who says this will have to do for now, while Zoro looks after Pica. As Zoro searches for Pica, the latter’s face appears on the wall leading to Level 3. Zoro is able to escape the ensuing attack. Afterwards, Zoro counters that Pica’s size would be an advantage, as he would have less trouble hitting him while cutting him in half.

Palace: Doflamingo stands on his strings in the air, holding Law by the arm while controlling Law’s other arm with his strings. He explains that Law should have stuck to his original plan and pitted Kaidou against him. However, he got emotional thinking about Corazón, so he attacked Doflamingo himself. This would have been a mistake, just as he gave Corazón’s letter to Vergo at the time, which ultimately led to Corazón’s death and many tragedies in Dress Rosa. Law, however, remains composed and denies this statement. Doflamingo has to laugh for a moment and admits that it probably would have come to today’s situation anyway. Law wants to stop Doflamingo at all costs, though, because this is Corazón’s legacy. Doflamingo laughs at this at first, but ends up agreeing with him. However, only the winner can say whether this is a good or bad thing. Shortly after, he crashes down to the floor with Law, cutting off his arm with his strings. Doflamingo tells Law that he has since decided to forgive him, just as he forgave his own father and brother. He pulls out a pistol and points it at Law.

Palace Hallway: Luffy manages to catapult the Threaded Double through the hole in the ceiling with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling. The latter then lands in front of the real Doflamingo on the roof of the palace. Luffy then demands that the real Doflamingo finally show himself to him.

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